Nick Got A Shocking Twist On 'The Handmaid's Tale' And We're Here To Explain It

Today we return to the rich, detailed world of The Handmaid's Tale. While the world that Canadian author Margaret Atwood created is bleak, the show is entertaining as heck to watch.


I should probably preface this article with a "spoiler warning" because there's a major twist that we're going to have to discuss today. So, if you're just starting up The Handmaid's Tale maybe come back when you're caught up.

Are they gone?


Good, we can get to it.

Jeez! I know she lives in a dystopian future where women are turned into slaves, but I was hoping June would have an easier time!

I mean...


She was shot at while protesting, she's been sexually assaulted, forced to have a baby, had her escape plans foiled over and over and over again, and many more horrible things.

Sure, she's had friends...


But they usually end up dying or being arrested. People like Moira come to mind.

Heck, some of them even end up escaping to Canada. Good for them, but kind of sucks for June.

And others...


Well, others end up betraying her. And this is where this article comes in, folks, because recently on The Handmaid's Tale, we had a betrayal that will shake you to your core.

June was betrayed by...


Well, Nick.

I mean, you read the title, didn't you? Of course, it was Nick. While my reveal wasn't all that shocking, the reveal on the show certainly was.

So what was this betrayal?


Well, it turned (turns?) out that Nick has been a bigger part of the Gilead crusade than we thought. We, like June, initially believed he was only a small player...



Turns out he was there since the beginning and he was a huge part in turning Gilead into what it is today. He even has his own troops, for gosh sakes.

I think Serena said it best...


“He served Gilead,” Serena tells June. “He was a soldier in the crusade. We wouldn’t be here without him. All this time you spent together and he never mentioned anything?”

So now what?


I mean, Nick was supposed to be someone that June trusted. That she could tell things too. What will Nick's next course of action be? What will June's be?

And why?


I mean, why hasn't Nick mentioned this until this point? Well, luckily, someone went and talked to Max Minghella. More specifically, the website AM Network went and talked to him.

He said...


About the moment: "The thing about a lot of these characters is people have done terrible things and they're trying to reconcile them. Almost everybody in this show has at some point done something regrettable. They're like human beings; they're dark and light,"

So basically...


At this point in the show, something evil was bound to come out about Nick's past. Ohhh.... did it really though? Couldn't everything have been a lot easier and less complicated?

Here's one funny reaction...

And I know how you feel, bro. We all wanted to root for him. We all want to see the terror of Gilead fall, and the beautiful moments that lead up to it.

What do you think?


Maybe Nick isn't what he seems as in he's evil, or maybe the situation isn't what it seems. Maybe he was forced into it... maybe he's not that bad...

I'm just trying to make excuses, aren't I?