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Blogger Hilariously Points Out The Differences Between Instagram And Reality With Her Pics

Ah, Instagram — you either love it or hate it. Why? Because what we see on Instagram is not always what real life is like.

In the sea of perfectly crafted pictures of slim bodies, fabulous travels, elaborate meals, and latest and greatest fashions, there are at least a few people trying to keep it real. And this Instagrammer from Germany is just one example.

Geraldine West is one cool blogger willing to show all of us what it's really like to get that flawless picture up on the gram with hilarious examples.

She makes her own "Instagram" posts then features the hilarious reality us normal people can relate to.

Why do popular Instagrammers always make us feel like our shopping trips are not as much fun as theirs?

Oh yeah, those seemingly heavy bags are actually empty. Fooled ya!

Trying to get that sexy beach picture ready for the 'gram is not as easy as they make it seem.

The one on the right is more like it. Ha, ha!

My morning run definitely doesn't look anything like the picture on the left.

And I'm not as happy doing it as those pretending to be fitness gurus on Instagram.

Did you know there are places you can now go to take Instagram pictures that make you look like you're flying in a private jet?

Seriously! Oh, the nerve!

Or that you're not lounging at some luxurious pool at an expensive hotel in a far, far away destination.

When in reality they're probably just at some local beach.

Don't feel bad if you're not always celebrating some kind of occasion and sharing it on the 'gram for everyone to see.

In reality, those influencers are probably just home eating pizza. Busted!

Chasing around town to find the perfect scenery so you can compete with those gorgeous cherry blossoms or magnolia trees everyone is posting?

I've been there, darling! Not always fun.

Why is everyone on Instagram always looking so fabulous when they sleep?

As if that's really what's happening in real life, right? Wrong! It's all just a cleverly posed reality.

Those Instagram influencers seem to always be strutting and striking the perfect pose wearing clothes that make absolutely no sense no matter what season it actually is.

So true.

Christmas never looked better than it does on Instagram, am I right?

Why is everyone obsessed with showing us just how perfect their holiday is? Just be yourself, darn it!

Speaking of Christmas Instagram is notorious for making us jealous of all the perfect Christmas trees and cleverly thought-out poses when the reality is totally different more like this.

Wrapping those Christmas presents has never been one of my favorite pastimes but when you look on Instagram you'd think everyone is a pro at this. Not really!

I've been admiring those pictures of Instagram influencers where they skate around with the most beautiful backdrops but my reality would not be so pretty. Haha. Total truth!

Yeah like lying down on the ground in the snow freezing your bum bum is really that much fun. I'll believe that one when I actually see it. Psyched!

Now don't get me started on cooking as it's depicted on social media.

It always looks so neat and tidy but you wouldn't want to see my kitchen after.

Because we all set up cute-as-a-button tents in our backyard or nearby forest to take shots for Instagram, right?

Now, that's dedication if you ask me. LOL!

And obviously we also sit outside adorable English manors drinking pink bubbly champagne just because it's our beloved dog's birthday.

Don't you do that?

Halloween looks so good on social media where everybody is wearing their cutest or sexiest party outfit but we couldn't be bothered in real life.

Isn't that a fact?

Strolling in the park with your doggy has never looked better than when it's depicted on Instagram.

Of course, in these posts, you're wearing your best outfit and mother nature always seems to cooperate.


How many times have you seen a shot like this and felt absolutely envious that you weren't on some exotic beach looking stunning in your bikini?

You're not alone.

Oh my gosh, this girl is cracking me up.

And there's more where that came from on her Instagram page @geraldinewest_ if you wanna see for yourself and laugh.

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