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8+ Times Graffiti Added Some Much-Needed Good Vibes To The World

Who else is a fan of graffiti? I dunno why, but I've always liked this art form. Of course, I don't enjoy it when it's just offensive but there are interesting passages out there that promote acceptance and spread a positive message.

And those are always welcoming to see.

This is a perfect example that not all graffiti is vulgar in nature but that it can also show compassion and love to others around us.

Reddit | freerangeenigma420

Good to see that.

I always enjoy a mural that depicts just a simple happy act between two people.

Reddit | jhoom4

This is not only super sweet but shows such a kind-hearted spirit as well.

Ha, ha, ha, yes, indeed it does.

Reddit | Adsegers15

Who doesn't like chocolate? Eh? I would be hard pressed to find someone who doesn't think so. I want some now.

Someone recently did something similar to this on Valentine's Day around my neighborhood and it was so fun and loving to see.

Reddit | ratwhale86

There is love in this world.

Among all the hateful messages out there, it's the positive ones that stand out the most.

Reddit | Brotherpace

Don't you think? I love seeing that and I hope to see more.

I think a lot of people don't enjoy seeing graffiti because sometimes it may make things look ugly but if it's a positive message it's a different story.

Reddit | almostkilledme

Seeing graffiti like this can make someone's day.

A message may get lost in the sea of graffiti but if you look hard enough you will surely see it.

Reddit | lilpocketindian

And once you do, you won't forget it.

We all lose confidence from time to time but it's when you least expect it that you get reminded of how strong you are inside.

Reddit | JuHicks105

You just gotta believe it.

Sometimes the most positive messages can be found in the most unusual places such as this bathroom graffiti passage.

Reddit | v7o

Getting some much-needed wisdom while sitting on the loo.

And when you think that no one will listen, you might need to resort to writing your message where everyone will see it.

Reddit | INeedTreeFiddy

That's one way to do it.

Wow, this graffiti is just gorgeous.

Reddit | rushsummers

If I saw this, I would be taking a picture of it for sure. Beautiful and with an important message to boot.

Sometimes, it's not about leaving a long-winded and elaborate message but just stating something in simple terms that can get people's attention.

Reddit | Killhouse

Stay gold my friends. Stay gold!

And speaking of simple messages, here's another example of spreading positivity all around you.

Reddit | BakedBeanBaby

And it's so true, being nice is so easy so go ahead and just do it.

So before you shake your head at graffiti, I hope you understand that sometimes a message is just too important not to share and perhaps you'll look at it differently.

Maybe these examples changed your mind about street art.

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