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11+ Incredible Photo Restorations That Brought Memories Back To Life

Do you have lots of older photos that are showing the signs of time? I definitely do and I've been thinking of having them restored for quite some time now. I'm really worried that if I don't do it now they might simply fade away.

So when I stumbled upon these amazing photo restorations I was super impressed.

This old photo of a lady's father back when he was a young boy in Iran is quite amazing.

Reddit | uji_sean

I can't believe things like this are possible these days.

Bringing this photo back to life.

Reddit | FLGIRL1

It's quite interesting to see that a good photo restoration such as this one can really bring out the depth and color of the original picture with such good detail.

Colorization is another great way to restore an old photo.

Reddit | Iant2001

In this case, it wasn't overdone but still keeps the vibe of the original photo. And it's quite lovely.

This is pretty the much the way a lot of my old photos look because they're starting to fade over time.

Reddit | FLGIRL1

I'm happy to see the color can be brought back.

OMG, I can't believe this old damaged photo has been restored to look flawless.

Reddit | PoorMrX

That is truly an amazing job here. I'm beyond impressed. What do you think?

And how about this incredible restoration of a picture that clearly got ripped and then taped together creating such a visible imperfection?

Reddit | itsfridaytoday

This is really something. I'm loving this.

What if this bad scan was the only photo of your birth mother?

Reddit | Unscriptednonsense

There's not much to work here, right? Well, check out this restoration job then. Wow.

Here's a picture of second and third generation grandmothers that I thought would be impossible to restore but check out this impressive job?

Reddit | S-Plantagenet

This is really giving me new hope.

Sometimes the restoration of a photo doesn't have to be all that dramatic but it's the little subtle details that truly count.

Reddit | KyleOfTheBeard

Now, this picture comes alive a lot more.

This old photo was taken in the 1950s in Havana and definitely shows signs of aging.

Reddit | villainouskim

But how lovely that it was able to be brought back here.

It's really amazing to see that people have such skills to take away all sorts of imperfections, creases, and folds in these types of old pictures.

Reddit | Ennuee

Awesome job here.

Apparently, the guy who restored this picture did this for the very first time.

Reddit | Mike-eh

Wow, I have to say I'm pretty impressed. He did a pretty good job.

This really badly sun-damaged picture was quite a challenge to restore but with hard work, it ended up looking as good as it possibly could.

Reddit | SCtester

What do you think?

I have to say looking at these amazing photo restorations is giving me a lot more hope that I can bring my childhood photos back to their full glory.