10+ Behind-The-Scenes Secrets From '90 Day Fiance'

90 Day Fiance... one of the oddest shows on TLC.

Well, today we're going to explore some very strange secrets from this very strange show. Will you please join us?

Remember that "Thai Massage" scene?


The one where David Toborowsky's best friend, Chris Thieneman, asked David's fiancée, Annie Suwan if she would... well, give him a "Thai Massage"?

Yeah, that was all scripted folks. Which is probably why Chris' wife had no reaction.

The main cast is paid...


But everyone else is definitely not. Not the foreign spouses, not the friends of the main cast.

People have complained about this too, specifically Luis Mendez, who called TLC a piece of...poop,

So the show was almost something different...


Actually, it was supposed to be a show called Bachelor Wars: Russia. Sounds pretty off the chains, right?

Well, networks didn't think so. It wasn't until they approached a TLC executive with the 90-day visa idea that someone bought the concept.



You might not want to admit it, but these 90-day marriages actually tend to work out most of the time.

In fact, according to TLC, they've only had three divorces. Wow!



Wondering why you don't see Mark Shoemaker around the 90 Day Fiance lot anymore? It's because he tried to sue the show.

We think it's because they didn't portray him nicely, but who knows for sure?

David and Evelyn...


Yeah, so, if you liked David before, you probably won't after you hear this.

Apparently, the couple was flirting with each other while Evelyn was still underage. That's not cool, David.

Chantel Everett


Pretty fun character, right? Well, what if I told you that Chantel Everett wasn't her real name? Turns out that she's actually called CeAir.

Huh... should've clued in when none of her friends called her Chantel.

Mohamed tried to get Anfisa's number


So Anfisa's and Jorge split up for a while, which is pretty sad... I guess.

While this was happening, specifically during a reunion, Mohamed Jbali tried to get her number. Not cool, dude, not cool.

Green Cards


Turns out that marriage doesn't actually automatically mean you're a citizen.

No, the US government is a little stricter than that. Yes, you're allowed to live in the US legally, but you're not a citizen.



You get your green card, but with conditions. After two years, you can apply for a green card without conditions. But even then you're not a citizen yet!

Generally, you need to have it for three years before applying for naturalization.

Some people have revealed...


That a lot of the scenes are scripted. Listen, we're not dumb, we know that reality TV isn't all that real.

The problem lies when people start complaining about what they had to do.

Matchmaker, matchmaker...


Turns out that TLC doesn't do any of the matchmakings.

No, by the time we meet our couples, most of the time they've already been together for a while and have decided to get married.

It seems that this ain't Molly's first rodeo...


That's right, turns out she's been on TV before.

Prior to 90 Day Fiance, she was on a show called Double Divas, and it was about her and her co-owner Cynthia Decker as they ran a [lingerie shop](

It seems that Chris knew all along...


Remember when Abby St. Germain told the host that she was staying at her ex-boyfriend's place? Remember how pissed off Chris got about that?

Well, it turns out that Chris knew about it all along.

Alla's chair scene


Remember those promos for the show where Alla is seen throwing a chair from the balcony? The one they never used in any of the aired shows?

Yeah, the producers told her to do that.

Background Checks...


Obviously, the contestants have to go through background checks.

I mean, why would you want to marry a person you just met without knowing if they have a criminal record or whatever?

What's that?


Oh, apparently they still let people go on the show even after they've failed a background check.

In fact, some folks on the current cast have a criminal record.

For example...


Because Jorge has a criminal record, he and his wife Anfisa Nava were having some trouble finding an apartment. Also, Danielle Mullins has been charged with fraud before.

And you thought your ex had problems!

The Cast Uses The Fame


Listen, they might not get all that much money, but at least they get exposure.

Hey, people trying to hire artists all over the world just got really excited from that statement!

A bunch of the cast members...


Have been trying to sell Teami's 30-day detox on Instagram. Most notably, Russ and Pao Mayfield, season four's Chantel Everett, and season five's Molly Hopkins.

You should totally buy it, btw.