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Mom Savagely Calls Out Popular Online Store Boohoo For Selling "Dental Floss" Swimsuit

If you're like me, you've been spending your free time and work breaks shopping for cute swimwear to sport this summer. Through my scrolling research, I've noticed a trend that takes high-waisted up at least 10 notches: teeny tiny tops and extreme high cut bottoms that I thought were locked up in the '80s fashion vault.

It appears I wasn't the only one who spotted this, because one mom found it was time to finally comment on this swimsuit trend, and she went IN.

"DEAR BOOHOO SWIMWEAR....," she opened her post.

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She began running through five numbered hilariously sassy comments she had about the swimsuit.

She was pretty honest about the potential hazards this swimsuit might cause, asking, "Are there pockets or something to tuck in me flaps nah?"

Because the swimsuit is cut so high, she also commented on the fact that now she needs to tan her lady bits.

"Are the socks & runners compulsory cos if I jog I'm afraid I'll be split in half by the dental floss fanny part of your togs."

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"Does this flatter the "mammy fanny" aka a fuller flappier fajita?," she concluded.

She was sure to end her post by assuring she is not attacking the model in any way.

"P.s this girl is stunning btw and if I had her body I'd literally be down in Aldi in my dental floss togs."

People were absolutely roaring after seeing this post.

Facebook | Lorzy Lovey

They thought her blunt comments, opinions, and slang terms were hilarious, and many even shared their own hilarious comments.

Not surprisingly, Lorzy's post has gone viral.

Facebook | Lorzy Lovey

So far, the post has garnered 68,000 likes and reactions, 134,000 comments, and 36,000 shares. I only imagine those numbers will keep growing!

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