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Bunny Succulents Are The Cute New Plant To Add To Your Garden

Are you always on the lookout for a unique plant to add to your indoor or outdoor collection? I know I am. And better yet, I'm always interested in finding cute and unusual plants that really stand out.

Well, this adorable succulent is just what I was looking for. See for yourself.

These tiny little succulents are called monilaria moniliformis or monilaria obconica.

When they're little, they totally resemble bunny ears. They might be the cutest plant in your collection.

And what adds to their cuteness is the fact that their bunny ears have fuzzies on them, too.

Isn't that the most adorable thing you've ever seen? Wow.

These plants have become really popular in Japan and people have been going crazy over them.

But no worries, you can get your hands on them online at Amazon.

Usually, a pack of about ten seeds should only set you back around $6 and would be enough for two containers.

So you can plant away happily. How cool.

One thing you must know about these plants is that, as they grow, their bunny ears get longer so they start resembling rabbits a little less.

But who cares?!

I think they're just as adorable and funky when they're bigger as they are when they're tiny.

So that wouldn't stop me from getting them for my garden.

They can grow up to eight inches tall and even bloom with white flowers that are yellow in the center.

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They really thrive in colder months so that's the best time to plant them.

They also prefer well-draining soil. So make sure you get the right kind for them.

To plant them, you can sow the seeds in mineral soil where the bigger seeds can be covered with the soil, and smaller seeds can remain on the surface.

It's not too difficult!

At this stage, it's best to plant them in a plastic pot which you can find at a dollar store.


It shouldn't cost you more than $6.

Then you need to put your planted pot in a ziplock bag.

The recommended pot size is about two inches per seed, and a gallon bag is best.

Next, add water to the bag so when it sits flat on the windowsill, the water does not come above the pot, but instead covers the bottom few inches.

Then, add some fertilizer and close the bag.

When the plants begin to show through the soil, you can transfer them to the pot of your choice. And voilĂ !

Are you just as amazed by these cool-looking, bunny-resembling succulents as I am?

I can't wait to get my hands on them as soon as I can.