Ashley Armitage | Billie

Razor Brand Billie Is Celebrating Pubic Hair In Their Latest Marketing Campaign

It may be shocking to some, but women grow body hair. I know, wild. And during gender socialization practices of our youth, many of us women were taught to shave pretty much every ounce of hair that grows on our body.

That's beginning to change as companies start paying more attention to how women choose to care for their bodies. Razor company Billie is at it again, helping to perpetuate and normalize body hair on women with the sequel to their Project Body Hair campaign.

Razor brand Billie is changing the way women view the practice of shaving in their latest marketing campaign.

Called "Red, White, and You Do You," the campaign comes just in time for the July 4th weekend, where plenty of us will be outside on beaches and boats, sporting the cutest swimsuits and bikinis we've been waiting to show off.

The campaign features women of diverse body types sporting armpit hair and pubic hair.

Ashley Armitage | Billie

While it seems counterintuitive for a razor company to do the very opposite of promoting what their product is meant for, a.k.a getting rid of hair, it makes total sense.

In an Instagram post, Ashley Armitage, the director and photographer of the campaign broke it down.

"In this film we wanted to normalize pubic hair because it is exactly that — normal," she wrote.

"We wanted to show that body hair is a choice."

Ashley Armitage | Billie

And in the current climate that is working to spread body positivity rhetoric and female empowerment and inclusion, this campaign could not be more perfect to foster positive relationships with consumers.

Watch the commercial for yourself here.