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Beth Chapman's Family Share Emotional Tributes Following Her Passing

Beth Chapman, the wife of Duane "Dog" Chapman, and star of Dog The Bounty Hunter died on June 26th at 51 years old. Beth was diagnosed with stage II throat cancer in 2017, and announced in May of 2019 that she was stopping her chemo treatments. Beth was placed in a medically induced coma shortly before her passing.

Her family and friends have come forward to share emotional tributes to her life.

Beth's daughter, Bonnie, shared a series of photos to her Instagram in which she said she was "thankful."

Her caption read, "So thankful to call you my mother. Reast in peace, mom. I love you so much."

The photo set included pictures of Beth with her daughter, grandchildren, and husband.

Beth's daughter-in-law Jamie Chapman shared this Bible verse.

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Her caption read, "The Lord will do right by Beth. I will always love you and miss you," and included a broken heart.

Jamie had previously shared this photo of herself and Beth without a caption.

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Jamie is married to Dog's son from his first marriage, Leland Chapman. Jamie shared this lovely photo of her and her mother-in-law when Beth was admitted to the hospital in late June.

Leland Chapman shared a series of photos of Beth with the entire family.

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These pictures highlight how important Beth's family was to her, and showcase all the lives that were touched by her.

While the photos were not captioned, his message is clear.

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Another of Beth and Duane's sons Garry took to his Instagram stories to share his favorite video memories of his mother.

Beth's daughter Cecily shared this photo of her mother on her Instagram page.

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Showing off her mother's signature style including long, extravagant nails, a leather jacket, and platinum blonde hair, Cecily also paid tribute to her mother on her Instagram story.

Cecily shared this image of Beth and Duane embracing.

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The post was accompanied by the Eminem song "Beautiful," and Cecily had captioned the photo with an emotional message, "My mommy was my world."

Cecily also shared this image of the memorial that had been set up in Hawaii.

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Her caption on the photo read, ""Feel free to come pay respects and leave flowers. She loved this island so much and the people meant so much to her."

Her request was honored.

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The next images Cecily shared were photographs of the memorial full of flowers, tributes, and messages of love and support for Beth and the entire family.

Cecily then shared this shot of herself at the memorial.

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The photo included Cecily with a small bouquet of flowers, seemingly wearing Beth's hospital bracelet. Cecily tagged her mother's account in the shot and captioned it, "I'm gonna keep her Bunny key forever!"

Beth's grandson Dakota shared these two memories on his Instagram story.

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One was a post made by Beth where she lovingly referred to Dakota as "the best grandson of all times" and the next was a shot of Beth from Christmas, looking happy.

Beth's step-granddaughter Abbi Mae Chapman shared this beautiful picture of the two together.

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Abbi did not caption this image, allowing it instead to speak for itself. Her comment section was immediately ffilled with outpourings of loving and supportive messages.

Fans came together to send on their thoughts.

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Every post made by the family has thousands of caring comments left by grieving fans detailing the impact Beth has had on their lives.

Beth's friends, family, and fans are all sharing their stories about what Beth meant to them.

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"I’ve watched Dog and Beth since I was a kid. I’m so sorry your family is going through this," one comment said. Another read, "She’s on my mind and in my prayers. She raised you well Cecily. She’s in your heart and always will be."

Fans continue to flood their Instagram comments with messages of love and support.

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Fans have also been sharing their own tributes to Beth, showing how important she was to so many people.

Our thoughts are with the entire Chapman family.