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Eric Trump Accuses Waitress Of Spitting On Him At Chicago Cocktail Bar

Eric Trump, the son of US President Donald Trump, is accusing a Chicago cocktail bar waitress of spitting on him Tuesday night, NBC Chicago reported.

Following the incident, the bar in question has since come forward to apologize on behalf of the waitress and also express their dismay at the rallying cry of people demanding the business be shut down.

The incident reportedly took place at around 8:30 pm at the upscale cocktail bar, the Aviary.

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Trump was allegedly dining in the cocktail lounge when a female employee of the bar approached him and spit on him. It's unclear whether the accused was serving Trump and his group that evening.

Police responded to the scene at around 10:30 pm and the woman was taken into custody by US Secret Service and later released.

CBD spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said officers responded to the scene and assisted "the United States Secret Service with a law enforcement matter."

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In a tweet responding to the incident, Guglielmi said that, "all inquiries regarding a federal protectee must be directed to the Secret Service."

Following the incident, Trump was seen leaving the Aviary bar in a motorcade of two black SUVs.

That same night, Trump tweeted out a photo of the Trump Hotel Chicago which he was in town visiting.

Although the tweet went out at around 10:45 pm, a few hours after the alleged incident, Trump made no mention of it in the caption.

However, Trump has since spoken out about the event which he branded "purely disgusting."

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In an interview with Breitbart News, he added that the woman who allegedly spat on him "clearly has emotional problems."

He went on to seemingly cast blame on the Democratic party for the attack.

"For a party that preaches tolerance, this once again demonstrates that they have very little civility," Trump said. "When somebody is sick enough to resort to spitting on someone, it just emphasizes a sickness and desperation and the fact that we're winning."

Since the incident took place, the Aviary has spoken out and said they do not support the actions of the female employee.

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In a statement made to CNN, the business said the event was not witnessed by bar management, and that they're still learning the details.

"What is certain is this: no customer should ever be spit upon," they said.

The business also revealed the employee has been placed on leave by its human resources team.

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Since the incident took place, the Aviary has been subjected to harassment by people condemning it for its employee's actions towards Trump.

"Hundreds of people are calling for the demise of our business, threatening our employees, and posting fake reviews," the Aviary said. "They are wrong to do so based on the actions of a lone individual."

They added, "So too, however, are those people wrong who are praising this as an act of civil disobedience."

People online appear to be fairly divided over their feelings towards the alleged spitting incident.

Trump supporters have shared in his condemnation of the events. One Twitter user wrote, "This is the constant form of behavior that we see in [Liberals]. A disagreement of views is always handled through some sort of violence."

Another chimed in and said, "So much for the tolerant left. I cannot imagine how deranged someone would be to spit on a human being."

Then of course there were the people who were a bit less sympathetic towards the whole thing and pointed out the hypocrisy at play here.

One Twitter user said, "Didn't Happen. He wasn't her type," referencing Trump's own father's comments in denying the rape allegations against him by E. Jean Carroll.

Another brushed off the event and said, "Oh well, spit happens.'

A few offered up suggestions as to how the waitress could have gotten away with her alleged spitting without ending up in handcuffs.

In response to this, many users commented that they're fairly certain most servers already utilize the old "spit in their food" move while dealing with the Trump family.

"I'm astounded, not that he was spit upon but that it was the first time," one user wrote. "I just assumed their food out was composed of 90% bodily fluids by now."

Most simply just did not appear to care at all about Trump being spit on.

This person posted a picture of Melania Trump's controversial jacket bearing the words, "I really don't care, do U?" on the back to emphasize just how indifferent they feel towards the whole incident.

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