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This Viral Video Of A Nursing Home's Slip-N-Slide Has Us Smiling From Ear To Ear

Coming from a northern climate, sledding has always been a huge thing for me, but you can only do it a few months out of each year and only if the weather cooperates.

So come summer, clearly the best watery fun came in the form of a Slip-N-Slide. Really, in terms of downhill fun, it has the benefit of not needing a sled or layers of warm clothes. Of course, there are also no snowdrifts to land in when you inevitably get too much speed and veer off course.

Still, a bit of grass burn is worth those few seconds of excitement and we always keep going back for more.

Facecook | The Oaks at NorthPointe

Slip-N-Slides aren't just for kids either — my dad's regular belly flop slides are evidence enough — and for their Senior Health and Wellness Day, The Oaks at NorthPointe decided to build one for the senior residents.

The event was all part of keeping the residents feeling young and having fun, but they didn't expect it to go viral.

Facecook | The Oaks at NorthPointe

But a video posted of Millie, a 94-year-old resident gleeful after her trip down the slide is too delightful to be lost in the archives of the internet.

The Slip-N-Slide was actually Millie's idea.

Facecook | The Oaks at NorthPointe

Executive Director at The Oaks at NorthPointe, Jackie Altier said, "She was the first person down the Slip ‘N Slide, and she ended up going three times!"

Watch her joy in all its glory!

Of course, safety was a priority, so the elderly residents weren't flinging themselves down the slide, instead, they were pulled by staff while sitting on a giant inflatable duck.

Which actually seems like a whole lot of fun too.