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'Human Cheese' Exists And It's Made From Celebrities' Armpit Bacteria

Cheese, wonderful cheese! We just cannot get enough cheese. All different kinds, all different flavors, made from all different animals — if you make the cheese, we will eat the cheese.

A group of scientists in the UK are putting that universal truth of humanity to the test by making what's been delightfully dubbed "human cheese," created using bacteria from celebrities' armpits, noses, ears, belly buttons, and even foot lint.


Open Cell, a group of scientists and cheesemakers, have been working tirelessly on their Food: Bigger than the Plate exhibit.

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This exhibit includes human cheese. Since all cheese is made by adding bacteria to milk to curdle it, and some of that bacteria is remarkably similar to the bacteria created by the human body (ever notice stinky feet can sometimes smell like stinky cheese?) the idea seemed really natural.

The cheese isn't necessarily edible, but it might be.

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Open Cell created five different cheeses from five different UK celebrities, including Blur bassist Alex James and celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal, and those five cheeses will be sequenced in a lab to determine if they're safe to eat.

If it wasn't so gross, it might actually be really interesting.

Or maybe it's really interesting because it's gross? There's a lot of things I would do for a (metaphorical) taste of some of my favorite celebrities, but I don't think I'd eat cheese made from the bacteria from their feet.

Would you eat human cheese? Most people's opinions are not divided.

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Does the cheese being made from celebrities make it more appealing or less? I feel like I'd rather eat a friend or family member's cheese than a complete stranger's, even if that stranger is famous.