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Man Invents Pills That Make Your Farts Smell Like Roses Or Chocolate

Everybody farts. It's a natural biologic process, but has the unfortunate side effect of being smelly, while also announcing to the entire room who stunk the place up.

Depending on the specific person's digestive system or the contents of a recent meal, some of those toots can be seriously potent. Of course, it's uncomfortable and often impossible to hold those farts in, so a Frenchman named Christian Poincheval decided to invent a better way.

Since 2007, Poincheval has been perfecting his "Pilule Pet," which translates literally to "Fart Pill."

Lutin Malin

Back in 2014, he told The Telegraph that it was a meal with friends that inspired him:

"Our farts were so smelly we were nearly suffocated. Something had to be done."

The pills are classified as a natural dietary supplement.

Farts are caused by our food fermenting within the gut and the gas needing to be released.

Usually, the gas is scent-free, but depending on the food eaten or other gastric distress, they can become really potent.

The fart pills are made with natural ingredients like charcoal, fennel, blueberries, and seaweed.

Lutin Malin

These are all natural remedies often used to help with gas or other gut issues. Then, of course, each type of pill includes a scent component.

The pills are meant to be taken at meal times when gas is going to be an issue.

The product is shipped in a plain box, meaning you don't even need to be embarrassed about the mailman knowing what you bought.

Also, there are bulk discounts. Which is funny, but also a nice perk for people who may have chronic gastric issues and might suffer from frequently stinky toots.

Scents include roses, lily of the valley, violets, or even chocolate.

Lutin Malin

Plus, they even sell a powdered version for pets that you can sprinkle on their food. Because dog farts are AWFUL.

You can order your fart pills through the Pilule Pet website for about $21 USD. Which isn't cheap, but they do offer free international shipping.