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Twitter Is Losing It After Realizing Chris Evans Is On The 'Mystery Date' Board Game

Everyone who played the hilariously corny board game known as Mystery Date back in the early '2000s has probably long forgotten about one of the mystery date bachelors...

But luckily, one genius recently dug it up and realized Chris Evans was on the front — and Twitter is losing their minds over it.

Most actors just starting out won't immediately land their big break in a blockbuster film.

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Just like any job — usually — you have to start from the bottom and work your way up.

Kinda like how Joey from "Friends" was on a poster for venereal disease awareness.


In the entertainment industry, not every job you take is going to be a home-run.

Plenty of celebs got their foot in the door by taking less than glamorous jobs.

For instance, Brad Pitt used to be a chicken mascot before becoming an international sex symbol.

After dropping out of college at the age of 23, Brad moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting. But first, he was a chicken mascot for a Mexican restaurant called, El Pollo Loco.

Hugh Jackman used to be a birthday party clown.

Today, he's widely regarded as Wolverine. But at one point, Hugh was a very aggressive contrast of that — a party act known as “Coco the Clown".

Anyway, you get the gist. Fame doesn't happen overnight — and it sure as hell didn't happen overnight for Chris Evans.

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Long before becoming Captain America, Chris was "Tyler" from the early '2000s gameboard for pre-teen girls, Mystery Date.

I'm truly amazed that nobody realized this sooner. But better late than never.

Twitter user, Dana Schwartz, dug up the ancient board game and shared her shocking discovery with the rest of the world wide web.

She tagged him and openly demanded an explanation to the question we're all thinking right now.

I'm also curious how he managed to sweep this under the rug — concealing us from the truth all these years.

Btw, incase you need a refresher on how the game works — allow me:

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Essentially, it encourages young girls to find three matching cards in order to put together an outfit that would match one of the three bachelors and their corresponding date.

The original game was released in the '60s, but version that resurfaced in the '90s also included an electronic talking phone.

This was optimal technology for its time.

So — yeah. Twitter is eating this up.

"How many tens of thousands of us have been dating @ChrisEvans this whole time without even realizing it?," someone tweeted.

"This is the kind of quality content that keeps me coming back," another fan wrote.

Honestly, the only reason I have Twitter is for crap like this.

This is peak Twitter content.

There's a strong possibility that your first boyfriend ever was Captain America. Secured bragging rights.

I'm definitely going to start telling people that I dated Chris Evans when I was 10.

I demand to know where I can purchase hard copies of this game to distribute among my friends.

I can't stress how important it is that this should be a household game.

Fans are betting that, as we speak, Chris is paying to have every copy of this game erased from history.

It's out there, Chris.

Might as well embrace it. I know I am.

But, it turns out this whole time Chris wasn't hiding it at all. In fact, he's spoken out about it before.

According to Chris, Tyler's interests included "surfing, hanging out with friends, and talking on the phone."