Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul May Have Just Confirmed a 'Breaking Bad' Movie

Breaking Bad fans, rejoice! It's been six long years since one of television's best dramas has gone off the air. Sure, we've had Better Call Saul, but it's not the same. Fans have been patiently waiting some news from the beloved series for years now.

Thanks to some mysterious tweets from the show's stars, it looks like our dry period is over.

The AMC series was a massive success, and also found a good home on Netflix.

Netflix has first-run rights to a Breaking Bad movie, so if when one happens, you can expect it to show up there. You can probably expect it sooner rather than later, actually, and you know how I know that?

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul told me so.

Twitter | @aaronpaul_8, @BryanCranston

Jesse Pinkman and Walter White themselves have apparently been, ahem, cooking something up, since they both tweeted the same picture of two donkeys with the ominous caption, "Soon."

It looks like the movie will be centered around what happens to Jesse after the finale.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that the film, written by series creator Vince Gilligan, follows Jesse after his escape from his kidnappers while he searches for freedom.

Of course, it's not really a 'Breaking Bad' movie without Walter White.

Cranston's character isn't likely to show up in real-time in the film considering his fate on the show, but it's definitely possible for him to appear in flashbacks or maybe even some of Jesse's dreams (or nightmares).

How excited are you? This is the first time in a long time that I hope that knocking at the door really IS Walter White.