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Bekah From 'The Bachelor' Shares Video Of Her 'Natural, Unmedicated' Birth Story

Many women plan to have a natural and unmedicated birth but often find that there aren't many resources. That's why one former contestant from the The Bachelor decided to share the unedited video from her natural birth.

Bekah Martinez said that watching other natural births while she prepared for her own helped her and made the whole experience less scary.

If you're a fan of "The Bachelor", you may remember Bekah from the show's 22nd season.

Bekah competed for the heart of Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr., but sadly, did not get a rose in the end.

Since her time on the show, Bekah has moved on and started a family with her partner, Grayston Leonard.

The couple announced they were expecting a baby girl in September 2018. Congrats!

Since welcoming her baby, Bekah has shared a number of raw posts about motherhood.

She shared this breastfeeding photo which showed off her postpartum belly bump and wrote an empowering message to new moms in the caption.

Now that her daughter is just over four-months-old, Bekah has decided to share the video from her labor and delivery.

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Bekah uploaded the video to her YouTube channel and it depicts her labor and delivery at a birth center in Los Angeles.

Bekah was in labor for over 30 hours, but labored at home for the most part.

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When she was ready to give birth, Bekah moved into a birthing tub and was supported by Grayston, her mom, and midwives.

Bekah's birth was 100% unmedicated.

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She used natural birth aides such as massage and walking to help through the pain of contractions.

The video shows the moment she welcomed her daughter to the world.

YouTube | Bekah Martinez

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Bekah said in her Instagram that she anticipates people will tell her she should have kept this video private, but she said she wanted to share it to help other moms who were planning an unmedicated birth.

Even though she was ready for the negative comments, the response to Bekah's video has been very positive.


A lot of YouTube comments on the video praise Bekah for sharing this and for being a true warrior during the birth. Many people said they cried while watching the video.

It's not every day that a celeb shares such an intimate video with fans, but it looks like people support Bekah's decision to share this.