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These Sexy Shrek Eyebrows Make Me Feel Very Uncomfortable

There are tons of wild and wacky eyebrow trends out there. Remember feathered brows, braided brows, halo brows, and wavy brows? And that's only to name a few. Those don't even begin to scratch the surface.

Because what we have here is something bigger, better, and even more shocking, believe it or not. We bring you Shrek eyebrows.

Yes, that is a lean and buff Shrek posing in place of this woman's eyebrows.

Twitter | @audreyaddamss

Audrey is the Twitter user responsible for this creation. Only someone so obsessed with Shrek could think of something so genius.

Her green eye makeup is actually on point, but the Shrek brows definitely steal the show.

Twitter | @audreyaddamss

The vibe she was going for was definitely Shrek saying, "Draw me like one of your French girls."

Here's a closeup, because I know you need to see the chiseled ogre in full detail.

Twitter | @audreyaddamss

The closeup honestly makes me gasp in awe, shock, and horror all at once.

Let us know what emotions it elicits for you.

I've got to give Audrey kudos for making the other side pretty symmetrical.

Twitter | @audreyaddamss

It's safe to say that this is another eyebrow look that will be added to the Wild and Confusing Eyebrow Trends Hall of Fame.