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It Looks Like Lindsay Lohan Abandoned Her Mykonos Beach Club And The Pics Are Eerie

The last time we checked in on Lindsay Lohan, she was living her best life, running a beach club in Mykonos.

We turn away for just one second and all of a sudden this happens???

Look — Lindsay has been in some hot water lately. She gathered attention for her comments about this year's Met Gala.

Remember Zendaya's frankly magical Cinderella dress? Well, Lindsay had a few comments to make about it. She first wrote on Instagram that "Claire Danes did that with @zacposen already," referencing a similar light up dress from a few years earlier.

Next Lindsay decided to get a bit more shady and tag Claire Danes in her comment.

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Zendaya was supremely unbothered by Lindsay's attempts to stir up some drama, but I doubt Z will be making any appearances at any questionably-abandoned Lohan branded night clubs any time soon.

But this new drama revolves around her Club — did you know that Lindsay Lohan actually owns a FEW clubs?


Her first venture was a nightclub in Athens, Greece.

It's actually a pretty lit club, and it has rave reviews on TripAdvisor. It has 4/5 stars, and even though some people have had so-so experiences, others seem to love it.

She opened Lohan Beach Club in 2018.

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The opening of Lohan Beach Club was incredibly personal to her.

The Beach House's Mykonos location is on the same beach that her former partner, Dmitry Tarabasov, assaulted her in front of cameras.

She reclaimed that moment by opening Lohan Beach House.

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She said, "Instead of crying or getting angry, I said I'm going to own this beach one day because I always want everyone to feel safe."

She revealed this on her MTV show...

...Which was all about her beach club.

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Seriously, Lindsay built up a whole brand around her Mykonos Beach Club.

She shot an entire reality show with MTV centered around the club and the people who work there. Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club just wrapped up airing earlier this year.

So, clearly the club is a success, right?

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Judging by Instagram, it looks like it's a popular place for vacationers.

Also judging by Instagram, it looks like the club is...basically gone.

I know. We're all a little confused, too.

Some travellers were disappointed when they arrived at the club.

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The once-iconic double-L branding is gone, as well as all traces of the Lohan name from the property.

The weirdest part is that no official announcement has been made by the club itself.

And the show has not been renewed.

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While the official social media accounts of the show are silent, outlets are reporting that the show is over.

According to "inside sources," Lindsay chose to walk away from the show, and it wasn't actually canceled. Okay.

Many travellers reported that it was abandoned.

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Some people claim that they knew the club was closing.

In the comments on one Instagram post on @lohanbeachclub, @deb.3420 wrote:

"I knew it in March. They had emptied the club bare and taken the sign down. They did not winterize the building. Shame, I enjoyed the show."

It gets weirder when you search up the place.


When I searched for "Lohan Beach House," Google listed it as "Permanently Closed."

It's also listed as closed on TripAdvisor, and of course, Instagram users have commented that the club is virtually empty.


So, it's closed. Stuff is missing. But, there's a twist:

If you click on the "Lohan Beach Club" location tag on Instagram, a new supreme has risen to take its place:

"Blue Marlin Ibiza Mykonos."

It looks like they knew they were taking over a while ago.

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Their Instagram's first post was in December of 2018.

So, this could mean that Lindsay knew that the club was going to close the entire time, and a new club was set to take its place.

The club's website has changed, too.

Strangely, the site now directs you to yet another new venture of Lindsay's:

Lohan Seaside.

Apparently, it's back to Athens for the Lohan brand. The club opened May 30th, and it looks like it's a bigger party than Mykonos was.

And as for Lindsay?

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She's still posting Instagram stories from the Mykonos club that she no longer owns, but is still tagging as if she does.

She also tagged @lohanbeachclub, which is the Instagram account of her canceled show.

People are understandably confused.

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Many comments on @lohanseaside's account involve the Mykonos location, and for good reason!

The account itself hasn't replied to any questions asked by fans, which makes this all the weirder.

But one commenter likely cracked the case:

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It's possible that 6 or 12 month leases would allow Lindsay to roll in, set up a club, and then bounce when a different location seems more appealing.'s kind fo genius.

It would work incredibly well for new seasons of the show.

If they ended up making new seasons, each one could be in a new location. Sort of like American Horror Story, but in Greece and starring Lindsay Lohan.

There were rumors that Lindsay's time would not be so available.

A verified account called @TheSimpleLife seemed to imply that the reality TV series of the same name would be making a return for a sixth season, but joining Paris Hilton instead of Nicole Ritchie would be Lindsay herself.

"Keep your friends close but your enemies closer," read one tweet on the account.

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Paris and Lindsay have had a rocky history. Most recently on Watch What Happens Live Paris explained that Lindsay is "one of those people I just don't really trust."

The most savage part, though, was when the host asked her to say three nice things about Lindsay.

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Paris could only come up with, "She’s beyond, lame and embarrassing."

Later Paris seemed to regret the comments, adding, "I really, I didn’t know what to say, but then I talked to my mom last night after and she taught me if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all."

So a remake of 'The Simple Life' starring these two frenemies sure would have been interesting.

Unfortunately, it looks like the stars were blind after all, because it was not meant to be. The account was fake, and Paris herself had to take to Twitter to deny the claims.

So far, Lindsay is having a very dramatic 2019.

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Which is probably exactly how she likes it. Hopefully we can get another reality show out of — Confessions of a Grown Up Drama Queen? Honestly, I'd live for it.