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Writer Claims 'Toy Story 4' Isn't Diverse — Only White Toys in Lead Roles

UK writer Stella Duffy has received a lot of attention and backlash for her review of the newly released Pixar film Toy Story 4. She claimed that the movie lacks diversity as all the lead toys are white, and also claims the film is ableist and anti-feminist on the BBC Radio 4 Saturday Review show.

Attention was brought to her review when she tweeted about a negative reaction she recieved.

Twitter | @stellduffy

Speaking to the BBC, Duffy said, "Seriously, it’s 2019! What on Earth are Disney doing having a film that has no leads that are black characters."

"Yes, there are black actors, but they are yellow and they are green and they are plush! How can they possibly think that it’s alright now?"

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Duffy has received a lot of backlash for her tweets, including fans claiming that it's not that important and suggesting that she focus her efforts elsewhere.

Do you think Toy Story 4 lacks diversity?