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Designer Treehouses Allow You To Peek Out Into The Forest

What if you could re-live your childhood and live out of a treehouse? And what if that treehouse allowed you to look right into the forest?

Well, now you can. An architect Chris Precht has created a unique treehouse design that not only looks cool but also gives you an awesome view.

Chris Precht of Studio Precht comes up with really unique architectural designs that will definitely blow your mind.

And his take on a timber treehouse is one of them.

This design was created for a small company called Baumbau that creates homes powered by trees.

It's playfully called "Bert" and it's based on a character that loves the wild.

The Bert is meant to be like a periscope peeking through the forest.

Studio Precht

It's been designed via alternative architecture as if it's being seen through the eyes of the kids.

The concept of this design is built around circular modules that connect together to create a tube-like structure.

Studio Precht

Then they can be combined together to further expand the homes.

The architects of this idea wanted to create a character and not just a dwelling.

Studio Precht

They took inspiration from the idea of what children think of when they see treehouses.

This unique structure has a lot of special features such as its facade that is clad in timber shingles that look like leaves.

Studio Precht

It can easily fit into its surroundings.

Then, inside the circular modules have curved dark walls that create a cozy, nest-like environment that also draws attention to the large windows or the balcony.

This is super cool.

The circular modules come in different sizes so they can be mixed and matched and placed in different ways, therefore, allowing for a lot of creativity in the final design.

It's like a DIY treehouse!

You can build a small structure as this one bedroom, kitchen/living area, bathroom and roof garden, or you can go as big as you want.

It's all your choice.

If tiny living or treehouses are not your thing, Precht Studio also designs other projects that might be more to your liking.

Such as these Yin and Yang Boulder houses.

Check out this amazing 18-story Toronto tree tower that will stand 62 meters high.

Studio Precht

It will be comprised of residential areas as well as a cafe, a children’s daycare center, and community spaces.

This cool design of a Hilton Hotel comes with grass shading that protects the rooms from overheating in a hot climate and also separates them to create a resort-like feeling.

I would want to stay in this hotel!

And here's another proposed idea for an apartment complex to be built in Canada with a unique wooden design and plenty of greenery.

This is not your average condo.

I'm really excited to see what new and unique ideas pop up there when it comes to modern and environmentally-friendly architecture.

This is a step in the right direction.