Beth Chapman ‘Not Expected To Recover’ From Medically Induced Coma Says Family

Reality TV star Beth Chapman's condition has taken a turn for the worse.

Chapman was placed in a medically induced coma just a few days ago after months of fighting stage four lung cancer.

Now, her family has reportedly revealed that that Chapman is not expected to recover from the events of the last few days, meaning that it is unlikely that she will wake up from her coma.

Chapman made headlines earlier this year when she announced that she would be passing up chemotherapy treatment "in favor of faith."

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"I don’t go to God and go, 'Why did I get cancer?' " she says, "He’ll roll his eyes at me again, because I know why — because this is the ultimate test of faith."

"Sorry, that’s not for me."

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Her cancer journey was expected to be shown through a new WGN Network show featuring her and husband Dwayne "Dog" Chapman titled Dog's Most Wanted.

In the trailer, Dog explains that Beth is currently "fighting for her life", though fans never expected her condition to deteriorate so quickly.

While Dog fights dangerous criminals, Beth will be shown in the midst of her own battle at home.


"Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman here. My wife, the love of my life, is fighting for her life," he explains in an exclusive clip, "Instead of being at home helping her, I’m out here looking for you ."

"I’m warning you in advance. May God have mercy on you when I get you, because I won’t."


The premiere for Dog's Most Wanted was supposed to be aired sometime this summer; however, with Chapman's condition worsening, the WGN Network will likely postpone the show's release.

With the post of a recent glowing selfie on Instagram just last week, fans assumed that Beth was on the road to recovery.

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"Get up dress up show up!" she writes, tagging the post "cancer will not beat me."

However, on Sunday night, Dog sent a tweet out to fans to "keep Beth in your prayers," as she had been hospitalized with throat obstruction and difficulty breathing.

Two days ago, it was reported that Beth had been placed in a medically-induced coma.

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The Independent reported that Chapman was admitted to the ICU at a Hawaii-based hospital on June 22, and later, TMZ reported that Chapman had been placed in the coma because she was resisting treatment.

Chapman's daughter Bonnie took to Instagram shortly after to share an update on her mother's condition.

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"There's not much of an update I can give," she writes, "I can say she's getting good care. I know you guys wanted more but you know it's a coma, not much more can be updated."

Today, her family reportedly revealed that Beth is "not expected to recover."


TMZ that Beth's mother has flown to Hawaii to be by her daughter's side, along with her children and grandchildren.

Her children are reportedly speaking to medial professionals to "determine the best course of action."

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Though we hope Chapman is able to recover, her family is currently preparing for the worst case scenario.

h/t: TMZ