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This Instagram Artist Creates The Most Delectable Crochet Outfits Fit For A Feast

We've seen crocheted pizza blankets and other wild crocheted outfits, but we have yet to see food and fashion fused together for the ultimate crochet spread.

One Instagram artist has completely changed the game for crocheted apparel, and it is sure to make your mouth water.

Meet Phil Ferguson, a.k.a @chiliphilly on Instagram.

Instagram | @chiliphilly

He's an artist on Instagram who creates the most wild crochet hats and outfits that are mostly related to food.

He started crocheting in university as a hobby, although it related to his field in sculpture design.

Instagram | @chiliphilly

He told ABC News Australia that he was inspired by drag culture after binge-watching Ru Paul's Drag Race.

He said, "I wanted to make all these things in order for me to have my own set of drag to wear."

His designs are super creative and wild.

Instagram | @chiliphilly

I mean, how did he manage to crochet a whole chicken drumstick to fit around his head?

I would be all smiles if I wore a hat like this.

He has now ventured into crocheting full-blown foodie outfits.

He created a cheese board.

I repeat.

He created elements of a full cheese board.

He's got the cracker, grapes, deli meat, and of course, brie cheese. It's amazing.

The videos of him modeling his creations are hilarious, too.

For this outfit, he crocheted a bowl of Fruit Loops cereal in milk, spoon included.

I don't know about you, but I'm about ready to put in a custom order for one of these ASAP.