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Former 'Playboy' Model Decides To Share Honest Selfie Days After Giving Birth

We often think that models are super-humans. There's no way that they can gain weight or have stretch marks and cellulite — even after pregnancy. Well, one model's honest photo shows us how wrong we are.

Just like any other newly postpartum mom, model Kayla Reid noticed all the changes her body had gone through. That's why she decided to share a post-birth selfie for an inspiring reason.

Former "Playboy" model, Kayla Reid, and Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte announced their family was growing back in December 2016.

The couple was excited to become parents for the first time and announced their new bundle of joy with this pool photo. Clever, guys!

They welcomed their son, Caiden Zane, on June 8, 2017.

Throughout her pregnancy, Kayla posted a bunch of photos of her growing baby bump. She really seemed to embrace her pregnancy and changing body. She said she gained about 50 pounds.

It wasn't long before the family of three was ready to become four.

Caiden is now two and was about to welcome a baby sister. Congrats to the Lochte family!

Once again, Kayla shared a lot of candid photos of her baby bump with her fans on Instagram.

As a model who is expected to look perfect at all times, it's great that Kayla focused on the positives when it came to her self-esteem and body image.

On June 17, 2019, the family welcomed their baby girl named Liv Rae.

She is so precious!

Kayla announced Liv's birth with this beautiful breastfeeding photo taken at the hospital. Kayla isn't afraid to get real about motherhood with her photos.

Shortly after giving birth, Kayla took this photo of her postpartum body.

Like most new moms, Kayla has a postpartum baby bump. She wasn't planning on sharing this image with her followers but then changed her mind.

Kayla opened up about her past struggles with her postpartum body.

She recounted how someone had asked her when she was due after she gave birth to Caiden, and how hard she had to work to lose the baby weight. She wanted to share this image with other new moms to inspire them.

"Every postpartum journey is different and should be celebrated for creating LIFE!!!" she said.

Moms online praised Kayla for sharing this photo.

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We've only just begun to acknowledge what postpartum bodies actually look like, and it's thanks to photos like this. These honest posts are helping women realize there is no such thing as bouncing back after giving birth.

Kayla's post will undoubtedly help other new moms.

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Moms need to help other moms to show them that they aren't alone. Thank you, Kayla, for sharing this raw and real photo with us.