11+ 'Final Destination' Memes That Reminded Me Why I Don't Drive Behind Log Trucks

That's right folks, we're talking about that scene from Final Destination. It's funny because you know what I'm talking about, I don't even have to explain it. I will because it's my job, but I really don't have too, do I?

We all know that scene from "Final Destination"...

Truckers Training

All I gotta do is post the above picture and your "Final Destination Senses" start tingling like SpiderMan at a Sinister Six convention. Seriously, don't drive behind these babies.

And it seems...


That most of the internet agrees. I guess a whole lot of people have seen Final Destination 2. So strap in folks, because we're going to be sharing some log truck memes from Final Destination.


But actually, is it irrational? After doing a lot of research for this article I found that a lot of people had actually experienced the whole log truck coming apart thing in real life.

Case in point...

See? It does happen in real life! Everyone avoid log trucks at all costs! Shun loggers! Stop using all sorts of paper products! The revolution is now, people, we need to get these death traps off the road!

This one combines two movies...


And I'm pretty sure it's obvious which ones. Seems pretty appropriate to combine these two early to mid-2000s films into an early to mid-2000s meme. Seriously, when was this made?

They make kids toys?!?

Well, that's just insensitive. I mean, who would've thought kids were allowed to watch Rated R horror mov... What's that? Some kids just like to play with construction equipment? Psh, nonsense, clearly they're reenacting the Final Destination scene.

Does anyone?

Like seriously, whether it's dying on a roller coaster, horribly burning alive in a tanning bed, getting sliced in three by a barbed wire fence, do we need any of that in our lives?

Here's an important message...

We're having a lot of fun here, but the below message is something you should heed in the future.

But on a different note... it looks like this Final Destination fear actually did some good!

Double Trouble


Oh my god... how do you escape inevitable death? I guess you'll just have to hope that the straps are secure... who am I kidding, you just need to turn around and go the other way.

This is interesting...

I mean, if you think about it like that than Final Destination 2 really is an important film.

Then again, I remember the names of Norman Bates and Marion Crane. Can you name a single character from Final Destination 2?

Jeffrey Reddick...

Twitter | @JeffreyaReddick

The creator of the Final Destination franchise actually commented on all the memes and tweets going around about that particular scene. You can see his response to one tweet in particular above.


They can't. I mean, where else would we get our lumber from? We can't just go into the woods and pick up those giant logs ourselves! If we want toilet paper, we need to risk our lives.


Seriously, I have to keep my pasty skin as white as a ghost all year because there is no way on heaven or earth that I am getting into a tanning bed... or behind a log truck.

Wait a minute...

So these things actually happen in real life? Oh my god... I thought everyone on the internet was overreacting in their usual internet-y way. We need to get these things off the road now!

Get burned...

Yeah, and why don't you brutally murder a bunch of people on the highway too! Right guys? Hello? Guys, where are you? Did you hear my sweet burn?

Hey, where did everyone go?