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Carrie Underwood's Baby Has The Best Reaction When She Sings To Him

They say babies know their mom's voices, and I guess that's especially true if your mom happens to be a country music superstar.

In a new video posted to her Instagram, Carrie Underwood shared her infant son's reaction when she sings to him and it is priceless. Sadly the same can't be said when his dad sings to him...

Carrie Underwood welcomed her second baby earlier this year.

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She and her husband, Mike Fischer, named their newest addition Jacob Bryan Fisher. He joins his older brother, Isaiah, to round out the Fischer family.

Carrie is also currently doing her cross-country Cry Pretty Tour.

Somehow, she's managing to perform to sold-out stadiums and take care of her two boys at the same time. Honestly, I think she might be Wonder Woman.

It looks like both of Carrie's boys are a huge part of her tour.

She shared this photo of four-year-old Isaiah helping out with the sound check for one of her shows. It's so great that she can bring her family on tour.

However, when it comes to which parent is the better singer, it looks like little Jacob has made up his mind.

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Carrie shared this video on her Instagram of Mike singing to Jacob. As you can see, Jacob was not a fan of Mike's singing. Carrie captioned the video, "Everyone's a critic." Trust babies to tell it like it is.

But when Carrie jumped in to sing the rest of the song, something amazing happened.

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Little Jacob looked at her and stopped crying instantly. He definitely knows his mama's voice! (And seems to prefer it, for that matter. Sorry, Mike.)

You can watch the full video on Carrie's Instagram.

Mike and Carrie go back and forth a few times with their singing. As if on cue, Jacob always cries when Mike sings and stops as soon as Carrie chimes in to finish the verse. It's baby magic.

To his defense, Mike said that the reason Jacob was actually crying was because he was hungry.

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Suuuuure, Mike. Let's go with that. I'm sure your singing had nothing to do with it.

Other celebs are loving this video.

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Justin Timberlake commented on the video and said it was, "the greatest thing" he's seen all year. Hmmm... I wonder if his son prefers his singing over Jessica's? Time for an experiment.