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We Need To Stop Bringing Back Old TV Shows Like, Right Now

There's an emotional process we all go through when we hear our old favorite show is coming back. We get excited, ya know? We get PUMPED UP because we can't believe our favorite cast is returning to that family home or that neighborhood bar or that old job.

We then binge watch our ol' fav until the premiere of the new show only to find the new show is...*absolutely* hot garbage.

Where's the lie, though???

And guys like — I don't want this to be mean. We loved these shows back in the day, right? We loved them and I want to KEEP loving them in their *original* glory.

With the exception of a few well executed reboots (Queer Eye, Will & Grace, Twin Peaks: The Return) the return of our favorite TV shows have left lots to be desired.

I LOVED "Full House" as a kid. I LIVED for "The Hills" a decade ago. But, this love doesn't excuse what's happening in television RN.

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Bringing back Full House sounded like a great idea until most of the cast didn't sign on. Why would I want to watch The Hills without LC or Kristin, but with Mishca Barton???

Please!!! Stop bringing us watered down versions of classic TV shows with a lame plot and half the original cast.

I'm insulted and offended!

Our desperate need for nostalgia should make us go dust off some DVD box sets, not fund a multi-million dollar medicore TV SHOW COMEBACK.

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SMH, make it stop!