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German Townspeople Buy Up Town's Beer So White Supremacists Can't Drink At Festival

I hate to be a bummer, but it really seems like white supremacy is once again on the rise in the west. There are many possible ways to counter this, but one of the simplest might involve just buying a ton of beer.

It's ugly to watch.

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In the old days, they may have worn Klan hoods or swastika armbands. Now, they're all about...polo shirts and tiki torches, I guess. Still, the motivation behind them is one and the same.

How can it be defeated?

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For the many people who've participated in anti-hate rallies around the world, credit is due. When white supremacists gather to make their voices heard, it's important for opponents to make their voices heard as well.

This is one way.

Satisfying though it may be to see white supremacist Richard Spencer punched right in his dumb face, violence is never the answer.

I want to stress the need for peace, but I also want to watch this gif loop for hours on end.

White supremacists are flocking to Ostritz, Germany.

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The picturesque town in the Saxony region is hosting something called the "Shield and Sword Festival". It sounds like some kind of nerdy LARP-fest, but apparently it's the place to be for German racists.

Here's a novel solution.

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Bear with us on these tweets, as they're translated by Google. But basically, while the town couldn't ban the bigots outright, they could do the next best thing: eliminate their beer supply.

They were serious with the ban.

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Making the town dry for a big festival weekend is a great way to thin out the crowds. It might sound counter-intuitive, but when said crowd basically consists of Nazis, the idea makes a ton of sense.

It sparked a lively debate online.

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At a certain point, the limitations of Google's auto-translate function and my complete ignorance of the German language conspire to make this stuff confusing. But while there was support of the move, there were also plenty of questions.

Police defended their stance.

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Speaking as someone with no first-hand knowledge of the situation, it's hard not to side with the police here. I mean, we're talking about keeping white supremacists out of town here. No need to split hairs.

Things got weird.

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I went from following the Twitter thread pretty closely to this surreal talk of sausage soup and mummification. I'm totally lost here, but my disdain for white supremacists is intact.

It seems like a good move.

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Police are trying to keep racists at bay in a peaceful way. They also have some very good doggos on the force. What's not to like? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!