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Guitar Solo Faces Make Way More Sense When Guitars Are Replaced By Giant Slugs

There is nothing about this article that will educate you or make you a smarter person.

It will, however, make you laugh.

Slash | TheCrispyDuck

Welcome to the jungle!

James Hetfield | TheCrispyDuck

Yes, I will be sleeping with one eye open, clutching my pillow tight.

John Mayer | TheCrispyDuck

I wonder if this slug's body is a wonderland?

Santana | TheCrispyDuck

He's known for a good collab.

Bruce Springsteen | TheCrispyDuck

Who's "The Boss" of that slug?!

Alex Lifeson of Rush | TheCrispyDuck

I'd be in a rush to get that thing out of my hands, tbh.

She's playing bass, but same thing. | TheCrispyDuck

Think of how different Haim would sound with this bad boy.