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Dua Lipa Responded To Allegations That She Photoshoped Her Lips In Baby Pictures

You most likely know Dua Lipa from her chart-topping records.

Her hit single "New Rules" ruled the airways in summer 2017 and she's released nothing but hot tracks ever since.

She's also blessed with some pretty good genes.

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Sis is gorgeous and she has a naturally full pout that all the girls would kill for.

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Dua Lipa Responded To Allegations That She Photoshoped Her Lips In Baby Pictures

Can't believe this is even a story? Neither can I.

Well, apparently someone felt like Dua's looks were too good to be true.

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They're accusing her of Photoshopping her actual baby pictures to make her lips look bigger.

We're not even kidding.

Trust us, we're just as baffled as you are.

People definitely have way too much time on their hands.

Here's how it all went down.

It started with an Instagram account that's known for exposing celebrities who get plastic surgery or heavily edit their photos.

Case in point: Hailee Steinfeld sporting a much slimmer waist in one photo compared to another.

The page has exposed a ton of Hollywood's biggest names.

From JLo to Ariana Grande, the @exposingcelebsurgery is calling out any and everyone for either photoshopping their pictures or getting plastic surgery done.

They most recently set their sights on Dua Lipa's baby pictures.

The side-by-side image they uploaded shows the singer as just a toddler with relatively normal-sized lips on the right.

But in the left photo, baby Dua's lips look slightly bigger.

In their caption, the page accused Dua of augmenting her baby photos to give herself bigger lips.

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"Dua Lipa photoshopped her lips to be bigger in her baby picture," it read.

Naturally, people had a lot to say about this claim.

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Some people agreed with the post and even felt like the photoshop work was obvious with one person writing, "Some bad photoshop too lol your kid lips aren’t as big as your adult lips no matter the plumpness."

One person even suggested that Dua did more than just Photoshop her lips.

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"Nose looks Photoshopped too," read one Instagram comment.

However, some devoted fans weren't buying this rumor.

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"Jesus r y’all alright? Google her childhood photos, this pic was on the internet way before she posted it and her lips look the same there," one person wrote. "Plus there are plenty of pics where her lips look full."

Now, Dua is speaking out and addressing the bizarre allegation.

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The singer posted a second set of baby photos to the 'gram to prove that her baby lips are, in fact, au naturel.

Seriously, we can't believe she even needed to address this.

In the photo caption, she sent a clear message to settle the debate once and for all.

"To the people saying I photoshop my baby pictures to make my lips look bigger are mad madddd!" she wrote. "Can’t believe I have to defend myself. you guys are on crack."

Dua's fans and celeb friends also joined in on defending the singer.

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"Lmfao welcome 2 my life. How sad so many people have work done b---hes can’t even tell what’s natural anymore," commented Fifth Harmony's Lauren Jauregui.

One fan wrote, "We love u no matter what. U don't even explain urself. They have some serious issues."

So, that settles that.

Dua Lipa's lips are all hers and the people who believe she would go as far as to photoshop her baby pictures? Y'all are "on crack."