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These Airbnbs Let You Rent Entire Private Islands At Surprisingly Low Costs

Spend enough time on the aspirational side of Instagram and you're likely to see someone post about the island paradise they're visiting.

To add even more to the FOMO, you may notice that these getaways are often located at private islands that only those who befriend their obscenely wealthy owners could ever have a chance of visiting.

But although that's likely true for many private islands, there are a few that are open to guests. And it doesn't cost as much as you might expect to stay at them.

The Anayad Island at Lake Lumot in the Philippines can be rented out for about $87 per night.

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According to this island's Airbnb listing, it spans about seven acres and is equipped with fishing gear, kayaks, wake boards, and a badminton court.

And at the times you just want to relax, they'll also make hammocks, air sofas and garden stools that you can set up anywhere.

Guests will stay at a house that comfortably fits six people and features two bedrooms, four beds, and a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom.

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The only issue is that the island only has electricity from 6:00 pm to midnight, although caretaking staff on site can run the generator for longer for a price.

Still, the island has come highly rated and promises "the spirit of having your own private island."

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The caretakers are also located at a separate house and will not disturb you, but will run the generator and help set up bonfires and serve you free fruit if requested.

However, as great as this sounds, it's not the only exotic locale of its kind available.

Guests can also rent out the Falconera Island near Venice, Italy for about $98 a night.

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Like at Anayad, the entire island is available for guests to explore, but its listing said that over 16 guests can stay at this place.

The island is only accessible by an eight-minute boat ride which must be scheduled with the host in advance.

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That host is also available whenever you need anything because they will also be staying on the island.

But once again, you can just stay among your party and take in the breathtaking sights of the Venetian Lagoon if you want.

Finally, you have the option of renting the Isla Bella island in Nicaragua for £345 a night.

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In additional to being the most expensive of the listings we're talking about today, it also seems to recommend bringing the least people as this is supposed to be a romantic getaway for two.

Still, like the Anayad, it takes full advantage of its scenic location.

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The air-conditioned villa features floor to ceiling windows with a panoramic view of the surrounding water and there are kayaks, sailboats, water skis, snorkeling equipment and paddle boats available to use.

The host is available 24/7 if needed, while the boat driver, cleaning & maintenance assistant, and guard are available between 8:00 am and 5:30 pm each day. As always, however, they're supposed to respect your privacy.