Amazon Is Now Selling Igloos You Can Build To Complete Your Summer Oasis

It's finally summer, and I don't know about you, but I am getting ready to chill hard. This includes taking some trips to beaches, filling out endless sudoku books, and relaxing while I maybe sip on a delicious crafted drink.

If you want to upstage my summer plans, you should definitely look into getting one of these igloo gazebos to add to your relaxing summer wish list.

You've probably seen these structures at trendy summer patios around town.


But now you can own one all to yourself in the quiet of your backyard thanks to Amazon.

They run from about $1,200 to $3,500.


They are waterproof and weatherproof, so if you love the sound of the rain while you read, this is the perfect way to get that full experience.

This is the perfect summer fortress for small parties or casual visits from your neighbors.


You can also comfortably stargaze at night without getting attacked by mosquitos.

This is really the definition of summer goals.


You can really make it your own unique summer home away from home without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a cottage hours away!

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