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People Have A Lot To Say About Halsey's Armpit Hair On The Cover Of 'Rolling Stone'

Halsey's just keepin' things real.

The singer recently embraced her natural side in the new cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

In it, she rocks hardly any makeup, natural curls and, yes, some armpit stubble. Yass, sis!

But of course, people had some thoughts.

At this point, we're so used to seeing celebs strongly photoshopped on magazine covers.

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It's almost to the point where we don't even recognize them.

This makes this new cover by Rolling Stone magazine, featuring Halsey, so damn refreshing, as she let her arm hairs shine.

The good news is that Halsey is in good company among the other celebs who often "free the pits."

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Despite being in the public eye, these stars aren't afraid to go against the grain.

Miley even owns her armpit hair so much that she's dyed them pink before.

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We can always count on Miley for stirring up controversy in the best way possible.

Aside from the pink pits, she's also posted a bikini pic of her armpit hair sticking out.

Madonna has long been using body hair to send a strong message.

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She posted this in March 2014.

"Long hair...... Don't Care!!!!!! #artforfreedom #rebelheart #revolutionoflove" reads the caption.

And who could forget when Amandla Stenberg skipped the razor before the European premiere of "The Hate You Give".

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The star captioned the photo on Instagram as "#drama #armpit."

And then there's Halsey, who kept things low-key by ditching her usual bold and colorful styles.

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That's not to say that her armpit hair wasn't bold.

Because it definitely was — and the world has been applauding her ever since.

It began with so much celeb love rolling in.

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"Here for this armpit hair," singer, Maggie Rogers, wrote, along with a lightning bolt emoji.

Singer, Zara Larsson, also had some encouraging words.

We love this so much!

"Two amazing women supporting each other.. we stan," one fan wrote on Larsson's Twitter post.

Another said, "ok but when will you guys collab?"

No surprise here: Demi Lovato showed support for the bold move.

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Demi is all for women living their best lives.

Inspired fans also joined in on the celebration!

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"Appreciate that they didn’t edit your underarms and that you have your natural hair. Keepin' it 100," another person wrote.

While the majority of the comments have been positive, there have been some trolls.

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"They're called razors, try one sometime," another person wrote.

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People were also upset that Halsey is only showing off stubble, not full hair.

Because of this, they don't see what all the "fuss is all about."

Turns out, this isn't the first time that Halsey has been scrutinized for her body hair.

Back in 2018, an edited photo of her began circulating online.

After a fan tweeted the picture to her, she clapped back.

"It’s an armpit you’ve put a sticker over. Not sure what else there is here to explain?"

In other words, these celebs are helping change society's beauty norms.

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One unshaved armpit at a time!

And we couldn't love them more for it!

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Say sorry to our boyfriends; it's time we let ourselves go totally freeeee.