Gotham Revealed A New Joker Photo And It's The Most Terrifying Version Yet

Obviously, The Joker is one of the most terrifying villains in the history of comics, film, and television.

But a new piece of artwork from Gotham has made its way on Instagram, and it's nightmare worthy.

Heath Leder's Joker may be the most iconic...


But his face is not necessarily the scariest.

Gotham definitely took the win on that one.

You will never be able to sleep again.

Come on.


This is horrifying on every single level. It's definitely the most terrifying Joker ever.

Here's another one.


I can't unsee the pure horror in this photo.

Seriously, this is disturbing.

Yup, is that not the most terrifying thing you have ever seen?

I'm never sleeping again.

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