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23-Year-Old College Student Reported Missing After Ordering Lyft

In the age of social media and smart phone convenience, the world is simultaneously safer than it's ever been and far less safe.

On one hand, having our technology on us at all times not only allows our locations to be tracked if we get in a compromising situation, but also gives us a recognizably safe exit plan through the use of taxis and other transportation services.

On the other, these seemingly safe services aren't capable of completely vetting out those with bad intentions, so there is always a chance that as you pay for a safe way home, you've put yourself in more danger than you've realized.

Companies like Uber and Lyft have come under a lot of fire for their lax hiring process.

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Anybody can essentially be an Uber or Lyft driver, so long as they have a valid license and download either app on their smart phone.

Though it's true that people have been assaulted and even killed in plain old taxis as well, transportation apps up the risk factor with easy accessibility and personal vehicle use.

One university student has been reported missing after being last seen ordering a Lyft.

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Mackenzie Lueck, 23, last contacted her parents on Monday morning to let them know that she had arrived at the airport in Salt Lake City, where she currently attends the University of Utah.

She was last seen leaving the airport in a Lyft on its way to a Salt Lake City address.

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Her parents reported her missing on Thursday morning, after three days without contact.

Salt Lake City police have released a statement stating that they have "not discovered any information that would lead us to believe that Mackenzie has been harmed or is in danger at this time."

Friends of Mackenzie say that she's missed work and her classes.

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Ashley Fine and other members of the Alpha Chi Omega have been putting up missing persons flyers around the university and surrounding neighborhoods.

"We’ve been spreading the word across the nation, around the world," she said.

"We have to do everything to look for her, because I’d want her to do that for me."

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Saturday's police statement also included that detectives are "concerned for Mackenzie’s welfare."

The police have since interviewed Lyft's office in Salt Lake City and the driver who allegedly picked Mackenzie up, with no leads on the case so far.

Police are asking anyone with information on Mackenzie's whereabouts to contact the Salt Lake City Police Department.

Mackenzie's case number is No. 19-111129, and the number for the station is 801-799-3000.

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