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Woman Wakes Up From Mid-Flight Nap To Find She's Locked Alone Inside Empty Plane

Air Canada has issued an apology to a woman who claims she took a nap during a 90-minute plane ride, only to wake up and discover that she was alone inside the locked craft, City News reported.

While most plane passengers might feel inclined to complain to the airlines about bad food, rude flight attendants, lost luggage, or maybe even other passengers, I think it’s safe to say this woman’s complaint is definitely way more understandable than the rest.

Tiffani Adams posted a lengthy complaint, detailing the events of her terrifying discovery.

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Initially posted on her own Facebook and then later shared to the airline’s page by one of her friends, the mother of two wrote that she was flying from Quebec to Toronto on June 9 and was part of a near-empty flight. About halfway through the ride, she began to feel tired and fell asleep across her row of seats, which were all empty.

She didn’t wake up until midnight, a few hours after the flight had landed in Toronto.

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In the post, Adams wrote that she awoke “freezing cold” and was still strapped in her seat, sitting alone in a totally dark cabin. At first, she believed she was having a bad dream, unable to believe she had been quite literally left aboard an airplane after it landed.

She said she attempted to contact friends and family and managed to get a hold of her friend, Dee.

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Adams explained that she sent her friend a message describing the situation, but Dee was doubtful of the situation. So, in order to prove to her that she was, in fact, alone on a dark plane, Adams said she called her friend on FaceTime and attempted to show her the pitch-black cabin.

However, in the middle of the call, her phone battery died, leaving her alone and without any way of contacting anyone.

After searching the plane for a means of communicating with someone, Adams said she eventually found a flashlight in the cockpit.

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She attempted to flag down help by waving the light out through the windows but knew she would have better luck getting someone to see her if she opened the plane’s main door.

Once she managed to do that, she was faced with what she looked to be a 40- to 50-foot drop to the pavement below the craft.

“I hang out the door trying to get the attention of ground crew.”

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Without any rope available or seat-belts long enough to propel herself down safely, Adams said she flashed the light off the side of the plane, hoping to catch someone’s attention that way.

Without any phone, she didn’t know how much time had passed since she first awoke inside the dark plane.

“When I see the luggage cart driving towards me I am literally dangling my legs out of the plane.”

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The man who discovered Adams was shocked and demanded to know how she had been left on the craft, to which Adams had no answer.

Following her rescue, she was met by Air Canada cars and a representative for the airline who offered her a limo and hotel accommodations, but Adams said all she wanted to do was go home because she had to work in a few hours.

Since the incident, Adams said the airline has called twice to apologize and have told her they are investigating the events leading up to the incident.

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In an interview with City News, a spokesperson for Air Canada confirmed they have been in touch with Adams and will remain in contact with her throughout the investigation.

“We are still reviewing this matter so I have no additional details to share,” spokesman Peter Fitzpatrick said.

In her post, Adams said the event has left her traumatized and suffering from anxiety.

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“I haven’t got much sleep since the reoccurring night terrors and waking up anxious and afraid I’m alone locked up someone dark,” she wrote. “Please share if you know of anyone who has gone through this I don’t like feeling so alone.”

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