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KFC's Cheetos Sandwich Is Going National In July And Our Bodies Are Ready

The world is obsessed with Cheetos, and quite rightly so. What could be better than dunking your hand into a greasy bag of cheesy goodness, getting your fingers indefinitely stained with that glorious florescent orange dust, and then crunching down on a mouthful of puffs?

Well, as good as that all is, I'd say that sandwiching those Cheetos between two buns and some KFC chicken sounds like the kind of level-up we could all go for.

Like the perfect answer to our prayers, KFC is releasing a Cheetos Sandwich across the country.

According to LADBible, the restaurant first introduced this revolutionary sandwich on a trial basis in several states at the beginning of the year, and no surprise, the sandwich was a hit.

"After an overwhelming success test earlier this year, Kentucky Fried Chicken and fan-favorite Cheetos are giving fans nationwide access to the sought-after Cheetos sandwich," the company announced in a press release.

That's right, this feat of sandwich ingenuity is about to go national and feed the rest of the country.

The company announced that it will be hitting restaurants all across America officially on July 1, so mark your calendars because this is one release you do not want to miss.

In fact, there are some other Cheetos-hybrid concoctions coming to the restaurant, including Cheetos-fied KFC Hot Wings, Cheetos Loaded Fries, and the KFC Mac & Cheetos Bowl.

The people over at KFC have acknowledged that the sandwich is definitely meant to attract a younger audience.

The sandwich is part of the company's new business plan, which will see more menu items launched in 2019 than in the last five years combined.

'If we really want to attract a younger customer, it can't just be about fun advertising and stunts," KFC US business president Kevin Hochman told Business Insider. "That's really why we said we're going to double down on innovation and try to figure out how we bring some new recipes to the restaurant."

So what exactly is this Cheetos Sandwich made of?


Here's what you can expect when you bite into one of these: KFC's trademark fried chicken patty, some mayo, a "special Cheetos sauce", and the real stars of the show, the Cheetos.

You can also expect happiness. Lots and lots of happiness. But that just goes without saying.

Just like with all good things, this, too, unfortunately won't last very long.

This cheesy creation will only be sticking around for "four short weeks", after which point it will join the other short-lived KFC creations in Colonel Sanders' special vault. That is, until the next time the company feels like releasing an absolute banger of a product. But who knows when that will be.

And if you're not a member of the great US of A, don't sweat it. Sure, you won't be able to enjoy the official Cheetos Sandwich. But buying a KFC chicken sandwich and slapping a handful of Cheetos in there could possibly work just as well, too. Possibly. Or maybe you should just plan a road trip for the month of July.

h/t: LADBible