A Study Shows Liking 'Harry Potter' Actually Makes You A Better Person

Harry Potter took the world by storm first as a book and then as a movie.

The books sold more copies than the Bible, and the movies are basically already classics.

The series is not just for entertainment.


They are also great for the learning process.

How? Well, read on to find out why.

So, according to a study done in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology...


If you are a major emotionally attached fan of Harry Potter then you are less likely to oppress a minority group.

It makes sense really, since there are so many groups of people in the books.


Mudbloods, Half-bloods, and Pure Bloods are only some of the ways witches and wizards divide themselves up.

So, J.K Rowling taught us something important in the end.


Love one another, make sure to treat everyone with kindness, and we're all equal.

Unless you're Voldemort. Then we don't like you.