Sheriff's Deputy Suspended After Offering Woman Date In Place Of Traffic Ticket

A lot of people have a complicated relationship with the police force.

On one hand, most officers are dedicated individuals who lay their lives on the line every day in order to protect us.

On the other hand, it seems like not a day goes by that we don't hear about the times in which the police are the ones we need to be protected from.

One Sheriff's Deputy in Ohio is facing repercussions for crossing a line while on duty.

Unsplash | Fred Mouniguet

On May 25th, Deputy Richard Strong of the Lucas County Sheriff’s Office in Toledo, Ohio, motioned for a woman to exit her car and walk over to his cruiser.

He informed the woman that she could be charged with several traffic violations.

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The mother-of-two was told that she could receive a ticket he could give out for not having a front license plate and because she and her children weren’t wearing their seat belts.

After he had listed off these violations, she expected that he would give her a fine.

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Instead, he 'let her off' with a verbal warning, even after informing her of the cost of the tickets and attorneys fees.

He proceeded to tell her that he would "do her a favor."


The woman reports that at that point, the officer began to act inappropriately and make her uncomfortable.

"We gotta hang out some time," he said.

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After the incident, the woman reported Deputy Strong to the Sheriff's office for misconduct.

She accused him of "abusing his authority" and blackmailing her into going on a date.

Strong was charged with discourteous treatment on June 6.

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Yahoo Lifestyle reported that Strong waived a review board and disciplinary hearing and accepted a two-day unpaid suspension.

Lucas County Sheriff’s Office has yet to release a statement regarding Strong's behavior.

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Incidents like this are not only terrifying for those involved, but feed a public fear of law enforcement. Not all police officers act in this manner, but it is important that those in positions of power deserve to be there.

h/t: Yahoo Lifestyle