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Shania Twain Opened Up About Surviving An 'Open-Throat Operation' After Contracting Lyme Disease

Things can only go "UP" from here for country superstar, Shania Twain.

The Canadian singer just announced the news of her upcoming Las Vegas residency.

She's also been opening up about the health struggles that kept her from making a comeback sooner.

The health issues for the Canadian country singer began when she contracted Lyme disease in 2003.

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It’s a disease that is primarily carried and transmitted by deer ticks.

If treated with antibiotics fast enough, you can cure the infection.

If not, its symptoms can be truly debilitating.

Other celebs have also been inflicted by the disease.

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This includes fellow Canuck, Avril Lavigne and reality star, Yolanda Hadid.

Both have been public about their battle with the disease.

Avril was even bedridden for five months because of it.

As for Shania, it’s what caused her to step away from the spotlight for about a decade.

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“When you’re a singer and it’s your voice, it is just a terrible, terrible feeling,” she recently told Extra.

She continued: “It was a great, great loss, so I had to come to terms with losing the voice that I had and rediscovering my new one.”

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She had lost her voice due to dysphonia, which was caused by the Lyme disease.

To regain her voice, Twain had to undergo not one but *two* massive open-throat operations.

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She spoke about the ordeal recently.

“I had to have an operation that was very intense and it’s an open-throat operation," she told Extra. "Very different from a vocal cord operation.”

She considers herself a survivor.

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“I had to have two of them, so that was really, really, really tough and I survived that — meaning emotionally I survived — and am just ready to keep going.”

Back when her album "Now" was being released in 2017, she shared more intimate details about her fears.

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“I was very scared for a little while that I wouldn’t sing again, ever,” she revealed in an interview with People.

“I went through that moment, but I found a way. I found a way to do it.”

During this time, she had some difficulty putting her new voice to the test.

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“Very, very difficult” is how she described the vocal warmups and physical therapy she had to endure.

On top of everything, she later dealt with a divorce to her longtime husband.

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In 2008, she split with her husband of 14 years, Robert “Mutt” Lange.

This meant that she had to face her health battles alone.

She spoke about the divorce to "60 Minutes Australia".

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“I was shattered," she said. “How many more traumatic moments can I take?’

She’s since remarried to Frederic Thiebaud.

Despite everything, she’s staying positive about what's to come, like her Las Vegas residency.

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There, she’ll join the ranks of past performers who have graced the grand stage.

This includes Celine Dion, Jennifer Lopez, and Aerosmith.

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We have no doubt she'll play her hit classic, "Man, I Feel Like A Woman."

starts singing

The show will take place at Zappos Theater at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino.

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It starts in December and will go all the way until June 2020.

This is the comeback the world needs — and that Shania deserves.

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It's been a decade too long without her on stage performing.

We're so happy she's rediscovered not only her singing, but herself.

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From not being able to sing to now performing in Las Vegas, it's truly a monumental change for the star.

We can't wait to see what happens next!