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If You Buy Two-Day-Tickets To Universal Studios In Orlando You’ll Get Three Free

For people who don't live in Orlando, Florida, going to Universal Studios is a legitimate vacation.

Hotels, travel costs, food, park passes, ride tickets, travel insurance, souvenirs, and a whole host of other expenses really add up when you've got a whole family in tow.

I consider places like Universal and Disney World to be luxuries. If you're planning a trip there anytime soon, I'm positive that you've been saving every penny you can get your hands on.

The price of park passes has risen since Harry Potter World was built.

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And don't get me wrong—visiting Hogwarts is an essential part of the Universal Studios experience. But unfortunately, The world of Harry Potter is an immortal cash cow that the park creators are fully taking advantage of. $18 for a butterbeer? Seriously?

Lucky for you, Sam's Club's got you covered.

Costco and Sam's club are selling five-day Universal Studios park passes for the price of two-day passes. This means that when you buy passes for two days, you legitimately get three days free. No catch.

Let's break down how much mulla you'll be saving.

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The Sam's Club Five-day base (three parks) promo costs $270 for adults and $260 for kids. With this, you can choose from Universal Studios Florida, Universal's Islands of Adventure, or Universal's Volcano Bay.

It ends up being MUCH cheaper to purchase the tickets through Sam's Club.


Normally, a two day pass for a single park is around $140 depending on the time of year, so you are getting two extra parks and three extra days for only a little over a hundred dollars more instead of $400 more.

What are you waiting for? Time to pack your bags!

Universal Studios

You can purchase your tickets through Sam's Club here, but keep in mind that you have to have a membership.

Deals like this really don't come around everyday, so take advantage of a cheap summer adventure while you can.

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