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New Game Promises All The Chaos Of GTA Except You Play As A Shark

Considering what new worlds video games can open to us, it seems like we haven't explored the full potential of the types of roles that players can find themselves in.

Granted, some developers can get very imaginative and cast you as anything from a space prince who has to roll up increasingly large balls of garbage in Katamari Damacy to a sentient slice of bread in I Am Bread.

However, the more action-packed games tend to be a little more predictable by putting you in the role of a very angry humanoid who fights with guns, magical powers, or maybe a sword.

One developer, however, is looking to change that.

An upcoming game called Maneater was first announced at E3 last year, but developer Tripwire Interactive unveiled a new trailer at this year's expo last week.

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In it, it's clear that we assume the role of a shark that's as crafty as it is hungry and the trailer features our ferocious character wreaking havoc on people unfortunate enough to be in the water.

With this in mind, it's no surprise that Tripwire president John Gibson said this game will feel a lot like playing Grand Theft Auto.

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Obviously, a shark won't have much luck stealing cars, but he meant that Maneater will feature a similar open world design framework with plenty of opportunities to sow violent chaos.

Gibson also describes the game as a "shark-PG," which means it will also feature some RPG elements.

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As he said during an interview at this year's PC Gaming Show, as your shark eats whatever can give it sufficient nutrition (including people), it gains a kind of experience through "growth."

Once you get enough growth, your shark increases dramatically in size, strength, and ability in what are called "life phases."

But that's not all these life phases have to offer.

With each life phase comes a new opportunity to evolve and gain a special new power.

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For instance, your shark can potentially grow metallic teeth that allows it to chew through boats.

The three main key words that Gibson uses to sum up this game's experience are, "eat, explore and evolve."

Still, this game isn't all about spreading carnage. There is a storyline and our shark does have a goal in mind.

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Namely, to get revenge on shark fisherman Scaly Pete, who apparently butchers your shark's baby at the beginning of the game.

From there, the shark's all-you-can-eat adventures in the sea and on the beaches are part of an in-game reality show called Sharkhunters Vs. Maneaters.

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As PC Gamer reported, Maneater doesn't have a set release date yet, but gamers can expect to see it on the Epic Games Store when it does come out.

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