10+ CW Fall 2019 Premiere Dates (Including The Final Season Of 'Supernatural')

Alright, now it's time to talk about the CW, every girlfriend's favorite place to watch TV.

I mean, with shows like Supernatural, Riverdale and the like, who wouldn't love this place?

Today we're talking CW, folks.

The CW

And all of their premiere dates for the fall.

As you read in the title, this, of course, includes the final season of Supernatural. Don't worry, we will have a moment of silence mid-article.

1. Wednesday, Oct. 2

The CW

Alright, so first up on the docket is the first night of the iHeart Radio Music Festival.

Starting at 8 PM is set to have great performances from people like Alicia Keys, Cage The Elephant...

2. Thursday, Oct. 3

The CW

... Camila Cabello, Chance The Rapper, Def Leppard, French Montana, Halsey, Heart, H.E.R., Miley Cyrus, Mumford & Sons, Tim McGraw, Zac Brown Band and more.

That's right, the next night you'll be able to see the iHeart Radio Music Festival once again! Rock on!

3. Sunday, Oct. 6

The CW

It's a superheroine double feature this Sunday.

First, The CW is going to start you off at 8 PM with a brand new series about Batwoman, aptly titled Batwoman. Because, you know, obviously it is.

4. Sunday, Oct. 6 (CONT)

The CW

And next, to finish of the superheroine double feature, at 9 PM you'll get to see Supergirl in her new timeslot.

Back to back DC superhero shows... do I smell a crossover?

5. Monday, Oct. 7

The CW

The next day, _ All American_ starts up again.

Who knows how Spencer James' struggle to adjust to a new town and make the football team as the starting QB will go?

6. Tuesday, Oct. 8

The CW


Woah, what was that? It was a new season of The Flash zooming by, and it comes out right after the new seasons of Batwoman and Supergirl! Wow, it's a superhero bonanza!

7. Wednesday, Oct. 9

The CW

Okay, we've got yet another awesome double feature on Wednesday, October 9th. I like to call this one "The Mystery Marathon".

First off, it's a new season of Riverdale, which is bound to be awesome.

8. Wednesday, Oct. 9 (CONT)

The CW

Then next up on "The Mystery Marathon", at 9 PM we're subject to a brand new CW take on the Nancy Drew series, called... well, Nancy Drew.

I wonder if it'll be as sexy and violent as Riverdale...

9. Thursday, Oct. 10

The CW

Here it is. The moment of silence.

(Please take it now, about a minute should do).

Done? Well, it's true. Supernatural's final season starts up on this date. Ahhh... the time that we've shared...

10. Thursday, Oct. 10 (CONT)

The CW

We also get a new season of _ Legacies_ on that day, in fact right after the new episode of Supernatural.

It's kind of a bittersweet victory, however. Sorry if you feel overshadowed, Legacies...

11. Friday, Oct. 11

The CW

So there are two new shows on this date getting a new time period.

The first is Charmed, which is going to come on Fridays at 8 PM now.

12. Friday, Oct. 11 (CONT)

The CW

The next show with a new time period is Dynasty, which will now come on Fridays at 9 PM.

I wonder how these new time periods will affect their shows' viewership...

13. Tuesday, Oct. 15

The CW

We actually have another show on its final season this month, and that's Arrow.

As sad as Arrow fans might be, it doesn't really hold a candle to the legacy of Supernatural.

14. Monday, Oct. 21

The CW

And finally, on Monday, Oct. 21 at 9 PM, we get to see a new season of Black Lightning. Huh... is it weird that I thought that show was on Netflix?

As in a Netflix original?