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What Disney Dads Would Look Like In Real Life

Alright! So now that Father's Day is behind us, it's time we look at some realistic looking Disney dads!

Because you know what they say: you're better late than never!

We'd like to thank the artist jirkavinse for his art today. Go follow him! Now!

Listen. No matter who you are, there was a time or place when you had a crush on a Disney man.


Maybe he was a prince. Maybe he was one of these dads.

Either way, you wished that they were real.

So today, we're going to look at some of the Disney dads if they lived in real life.


And be warned, some of these Disney dads will make you swoon.

1. Cassim (Animated)


Okay, so we'll start off our list with the animated version of Aladdin's dad, Cassim.

If you didn't know he had a dad, then you should watch Aladdin and the King of Thieves.

Cassim (Real)

This is the real version of Cassim, and he's rugged yet he has a welcoming look to him.

A perfect choice for a thief, he lures you in with his charm and good looks then WHAM! Your lamp is gone.

2. Father Of Tarzan (Animated)


On a weird note, I couldn't find a name for this character. Tarzan Sr?

No, because the apes gave him the name Tarzan. Huh... I guess it has to be "Father Of Tarzan", then.

Father Of Tarzan (Real)

Here's his real-life version and he's looking pretty good for a guy who spent a long time in a wild jungle, living off the land and eventually getting eaten by a jaguar.

Uhh... spoiler alert?

3. Chief Powhatan (Animated)


Ahh, Chief Powhatan. Honestly, I haven't actually seen Pocahontas in a while, so I forget what he was like.

I'm assuming he didn't trust the settlers (as he probably shouldn't have).

Chief Powhatan (Real)

This Chief Powhatan makes me sad.

Just look at his eyes... this is the picture of a man who knows his whole world and view on life is about to be destroyed.

4. Triton (Animated)


Well, it seems I found one of the only pictures of King Triton where he's smiling because I can't remember him doing a whole lot of that in the movie.

Triton (Real)

That's more like it. He looks stern, he looks kind of pissed off at his daughter, a perfect look for what I assume was supposed to be Posideon.

Oh, speaking of which...

5. Zeus (Animated)


The God of The Sky, Lightning and the Father of Gods and men. Or, in this case, just the father of young Hercules.

Minus all the cheating on Hera, that wouldn't be kid-friendly.

Zeus (Real)


Now I know it's based off the fun-loving, happy go lucky Disney version of Zeus, but it's hard to see a realistic version of the god where he's smiling. Just... feels weird.

6. Claude Frollo (Animated)


Alright, so I know he wasn't an actual father to anyone, but he was sort of a father figure to Quasimodo... right?

An evil father figure? Alright cut me some slack, I was pushing it with the Mufasa thing.

Claude Frollo (Real)

Wow... somehow he even looks scarier than the animated version.

Wouldn't want this guy judging your trial, that's for sure.

7. Prince Florian (Animated)


We’ve got to assume a lot of these Disney guys grew up with their respective princesses and had babies… right? Alright, let’s do that.

Here is Prince Florian, Snow White’s boo.

Prince Florian (Real)

And boy, does he look like a fresh-faced boy-toy in this one. Seriously, this guy looks like he could be the lead singer of a boy band.

Ooh, Disney, do we have a potential Disney channel show here?

8. Prince Charming (Animated)


So right now we’re going to take a look at Cinderella’s husband, or at least the guy she got with at the end of her movie.

We can only assume they had babies together and treated them a lot better.

Prince Charming (Real)

Much in the same vein as our boy Prince Florian up there, he’s straight cut but he looks like a darn fine young man.

Definitely the sensitive one in Florian’s eventual boy band.

9. Prince Eric (Animated)


We don’t have to speculate here folks, we know that Ariel and Eric had a daughter.

Don’t believe me? It’s canon, baby. Check out The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea.

Prince Eric (Real)

Hey, wait a minute... ever notice how Disney has a bunch of black-haired princes?

Anyways, look at this once again clean-cut, fresh-faced and of course, black-haired gentlemen.

10. Captain LiShang (Animated)


Alright, I know I'm doing a lot of assuming here, but unfortunately, there aren't a lot of Disney dads drawn in real life.

So here we are, talking about potential LiShang and Mulan babies.

Captain LiShang (Real)

And god, if he looked like that how could you avoid having babies with this guy?

He's chiseled, he's stoic and... wait a minute, he has black hair!

11. Mufasa (Animated)


Ahh yes, one of the best Disney dads. Also one of the saddest Disney moments.

You're just up there in the "best of all time" Disney ranks, aren't you Mufasa?

Mufasa (Real)


Okay, so this is a cop-out entry but it still counts!

He's a good looking lion! Seriously, the animation in the live-action The Lion King was out of this world.

12. Aladdin (Animated)


Am I implying that Aladdin and Jasmine would have eventually gotten busy and sired an heir to the throne of Agrabah?

I mean, even if they didn't have a royal lineage to uphold...

Aladdin (Real)

How could you keep your hands off this guy?

He replaces all the ruggedness of his father with straight-up, pure, 100% natural boyish charm. Aladdin would have been a dad, mark my words.

13. Flynn Rider (Animated)


Speaking of the raw, unadulterated power of boyish charm: Flynn Rider.

The man whose signature move was trying to get women to do as he commands with "The Smolder." And how can they resist?

Flynn Rider (Real)

Look at this dude! If he came up and gave ya the ol' smolder at the bar, you wouldn't resist!

Another one of those implied dads. They had children, don't you worry!

Someone has to be in those Disney sequels.

14. BONUS: Disney Moms


Well, we're kind of running out of dads here, so let's switch over to Disney moms, or at least Disney motherly figures.

Let's begin with Maleficent, who (in the new movies) is actually the one who raised Sleeping Beauty!

Maleficent (Real)

And... you know what? Angelina Jolie might rock this look a little better.

The art is good, but it's not as much of a thirst trap as the other ones.

15. Ariel (Animated)


And now we take a look at Ariel, who we know for sure had a baby because of her sequel.

Now, we're going to see what she would look like in real life.

Ariel (Real)

Oh yeah, every guy who had a crush on her as a kid just perked up. This art is so well done, she looks so gorgeous.

Don't you wish some of these paintings would just come to life?

Once again, we'd like to thank the artist jirkavinse for his art. Did you follow him? Well, go do it!