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Mom Comes Up With Clever Hack To Give Uncooperative Babies Their Medicine

As a mom, there's nothing worse than seeing your child suffer while sick. As adults, we can basically tell everyone and anyone what we need when we're ill—from hot tea to a heating pad for those awful cases of the stomach flu.

But, when our children are itty bitty babies, they can't quite tell us what they need or how they feel. It's truly difficult to deal with.

Once moms hear the need to administer medicine from the doctor, it's full-blown panic time.

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Moms know that once the doctor says "medicine," it's time to worry. No mom wants to administer drugs to their small child, but if it'll make them feel better—we'll do anything.

Every mom knows that "kid medicine" tastes awful.

Sure, they try to market "enjoyable" flavors like grape and cherry so that kids will like it—but, we know deep down that the flavors are nowhere near delicious and taste absolutely disgusting.

So, what are we to do when our babies need meds?

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Many of us try to sneak medicine in with something delicious, like juice or milk. Others force the medicine into their child's mouth—anything to get them to feel a bit better.

Recently, one mom shared a "medicine hack" to help your little ones take medicine with ease.

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Instead of forcing medicine on a cold spoon into your little babies' mouth, Facebook user Helena Lee has a new method that will be your new go-to forever. And, it'll leave you wondering why you hadn't thought of it first.

All you need is the medicine and a bottle top.

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As many kid's medicines come with a syringe for easier usage, Lee found that the device fits perfectly into the top of most baby bottle tops.

Lee said she struggled for over 24 hours to get her son to take medicine.

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She said: "FOR ALL MUMMIES... So for the last 24hours I've struggled to get Alfie to take calpol, he has ended up covered in half of it where he spits it at me.....Then I remembered seeing this trick."

The hack takes away the need for forcing medicine at all.

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Lee showed that her baby simply sucked on the bottle top and she was able to easily administer the medicine in 1, 2, 3. Clearly, her baby had no problem taking the medicine right down.

The hack seemed to be rather popular amongst mothers online.

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So far, the post has over 198,000 shares online and mothers also began to tag other mommy friends in the post, knowing that this trick could help a baby or two who truly needs it.

Other moms shared some of their own tricks and hacks.

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Some moms said that they have their own tricks—like placing the syringe at the very corner of their baby's mouth, allowing them to slowly take the medicine.

There are a few other tools on the market, too.

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Another mom added that she has a special pacifier that she uses to administer medicine, which can be bought on Amazon or other baby stores like Buy Buy Baby.

Before administering any medicine to a child, be sure to call your doctor.

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As newborns and infants are very sensitive to medication, it's important to always consult your doctor before giving any medication to them while sick.

And, ask about the proper dosage.

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As with anyone taking medication, it's important to always take the proper dosage. To be sure your child is getting the right care and amount needed, check with your pediatrician before administering anything.