Couple Turns Double-Decker Bus Into A Unique Tiny Home On Wheels

I've told you many times about creative ways people have turned unusual spaces into their living quarters. There was the guy who made a home out of shipping containers or the fact that you can buy tiny homes on Amazon.

This time I wanted to tell you about an awesome couple who turned an old double-decker bus into the coolest home on wheels.

Charlie MacVicar and her boyfriend, Luke Walker, decided to move in together.

However, being in their early 20s, they didn't want to take on a hefty mortgage or pay high rent living in London, England. So they looked for alternatives, and, boy, did they ever find one.

They actually bought one of those double-decker buses you see tourists sightseeing on, ha, ha!

Doesn't that sound like fun or what? Oh my! What an unusual idea. I have to admit I really do like the sound of that.

Then came the hard part — they had to retrofit the bus to be able to live in it.

However, this young couple was lucky enough to find one that was in great condition. But there was still a lot to be done, as you can imagine.

They had to rip out the seats and build everything from scratch.

Since neither of them was handy enough, they asked family and many professionals for help. After all, all the heating and plumbing had to be done right. Oh, wow!

Not only did the bus turned out alright, but it actually looks quite magnificent inside.

The first floor has a spacious kitchen, WC (or bathroom for North Americans), a work desk, and a living room with a wood-burning oven. Say what? A wood-burning oven on a bus?

OMG, I can't get over that. I don't even have that in my house, ha, ha!

I've got to admit that's pretty impressive. The upstairs was a little more tricky to build. The floor is slightly curved, so the furniture had to be custom-built.

There were other challenges with the bus, such as the heating.

The couple has recently upgraded their heater, and of course, there's also that log burner, too. All and all, the bus retrofit cost the couple around $21,000 plus the initial cost of $3,500 for the bus.

Isn't that amazing?

That's a fraction of the cost of buying a new house, and it's exactly why this couple settled upon this idea. Plus they get to park the bus on Charlie’s dad's land in Essex, paying just a small rental fee for it.

What do you think of this couple's idea?

Wouldn't you like to live like this too? I like the freedom it gives them to roam the land and raise some goats, ha, ha! I really need to look into alternative living like this myself.

h/t Bored Panda