The Next 'Game Of Thrones' Is Coming To Netflix But This Time It's With Samurai

Game of Thrones is over, and it seems like we have nothing left to watch on TV.

Luckily something new is on the way! Age of Samurai: Battle For Japan.

The show is already a parallel to 'Game of Thrones'.


The show is going to go through the many conflicts that happened between kingdoms.

All of which are led by people who want power.

Age of Samurai is meant to be a docu-drama.


This means that it will be entertaining, while still staying true to the stories of the samurai past.

One of the main characters is a warlord.


His nickname: ‘The One-Eyed Dragon’.

The new Mother of Dragons, anyone? Probably not, but still a cool parallel.

CEO David Brady of Real Sceen had this to say:


The show is "truly inspired by Japanese art and noir graphic novels,"

Who else is as pumped up as me? Let us know in the comments!