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Jon Stewart Is Turning His 12-Acre Farm Into A Safe Haven For Abused Animals

After leaving The Daily Show a few years back, Jon Stewart has taken advantage of his free time by transforming his 12 acre farm into a safe haven for abused animals.

"CBS This Morning" caught up with the Stewart family and life on the farm after had Jon stepped away from the spotlight.

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The farm will be home to cows, sheep, chicken, goats, turkeys, and more pigs like this little guy who gets daily tummy rubs from Jon and his wife!

Jon's wife Tracey is an author and animal rights advocate, so the decision to turn their wide open space into a proper sanctuary feels like a natural next step.

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Tracey's book, Do Unto Animals, emphasizes the family's personal values and love for animals.

"Farm Sanctuary" is an advocacy group that fights the factory farming industry and cares for abused animals.

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And now, Jon and his family will join the other farms in the US working to support this amazing cause.

The pair have owned their own farm since 2013.

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Located 50 miles outside of New York City, Bufflehead Farm is set to be a welcoming safe space for animals in need.

At the time of the interview, Jon and Tracey already had two pigs, four dogs, three rabbits, two guinea pigs, two fish, and a bird on their farm.

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And if that sounds like a full house, we're just getting started!

Tracey runs the family's farm Instagram, @dountoanimals where she shares a bunch of adorable pictures.

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Here she is smiling with some of their rescued sheep!

Jon makes his fair share of appearances, loving on the animals and making them laugh I'm sure!

Watch as Jon massages this baby sheep's head. Aww!

Here's sweet Maybeelle, the pig from earlier in the article.

Isn't she just the most precious thing?

You can find Tracey's book wherever major books are sold.

I think we can all spare some time to read up on how to be kinder to our sweet animal friends.

And make sure to follow @dountoanimals to keep updated with the family's sanctuary endeavours!

Or, just for some Jon and Tracey relationship goals!

I can't wait to see more incredible work this family will do and all the beautiful animals they will help save!