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Costco Is Selling Giant Candy Covered Donuts And We Donut Know How To Handle It

The days of dessert mediocrity are long gone. Birthday cake was supposed to hold us down, but it's been holding us back, and that's the souuuuund of us not calling it back.

You aren't just a snack—you're a whole damn meal. And you need a level of sugary sweetness that properly balances all that saltiness you're dishing out on the daily.

Donuts are a dessert classic.

But that doughy deliciousness is packed into a bit of a small package. Size matters in the world of sweets, and it's no secret that we donut have big enough desserts to satisfy.

Until now.

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Costco is selling a 2-pound jumbo donut covered in pink icing, sprinkles, and M&Ms.

Now this is obscene level of sugar I am talking about.

Donut? Cake? Candy? It's all three.

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Dessert connoisseurs are already flocking to their nearest jumbo food wonderland in order to witness and purchase the masterpiece for themselves.

It's the perfect size for sharing (but let's be honest, we'll be doing no such thing).

Unfortunately, it seems as though it's only available in Austrailia.

Instagram | @ourtabletaelamade

The package shows pricing in AUD dollars, meaning that for now, only Aussies will get the pleasure of this glorious sweet treat.

Each donut is $15.99 AUS, which is around $10.97 in American dollars.

Anyone up for a trip down under?

Hopefully the jumbo donuts arrive in Costcos near us as soon as humanly possible, because now I've been tempted with the possibility of bigger and better, and I don't think I can ever go back to my old ways.

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