Lena Headey Finally Broke Her Silence On Cersei's Death On 'Game Of Thrones'

Ahh, once again we slip back into the comfortable world of Game Of Thrones.

Like putting on an old pair of socks, it just feels so gosh darn right... right?



So we're going to talk about how Cersei dies here, folks.

That's in Season 8 and it's a pretty big deal, so if you haven't seen it yet then you have officially been warned.



Now that they're gone, we can talk the final Season.

To say it has been polarizing is an understatement, and not even that true if I'm being totally honest.

I mean...


You'd be hard-pressed to find a person who thought that Season 8 was a fitting end for a show like Game Of Thrones.

Seriously, the whole internet has been blowing up over this.

For starters...


Bran gets to be King, which is still blowing my mind today.

Seriously, I've been picking up pieces of brain matter for like two months now because of that decision.

And the rest...


Was pretty poorly handled as well.

But, as the internet has said, again and again, it's hard to focus on making a fitting end to your critically acclaimed show when you've got that Star Wars money on the horizon.

The worst, however...


Was how they treated my girl Cersei.

After 8 long seasons of being if not the primary antagonist of the show than a pretty darn important one...

They killed her with a rock.


I feel like Charlie Brown on Halloween.

All the other kids got stabbings, surprising deaths, poisonings and killed by boars, but when Cersei looks down into her bag all she sees is a rock.

People obviously reacted poorly.

Twitter blew up, Reddit did as well. The memes have been pouring in about this death ever since it happened in episode 6. And what did the creators expect?

You do our girl dirty like that and we're gonna be pissed.

One person in particular...


Actually finally broke her silence on the matter. And it wasn't who you'd expect... oh, what's that? It's literally in the title?

Oh wow, you've kind of ruined my big reveal then...

It was Lena Headey.

Instagram | @iamlenaheadey

I did it anyways, boom.

Regardless, in a recent interview with The Guardian she finally made her thoughts on the matter known. And uh... while it may not be as harsh as the public's, the thought is still there.

She starts off...


By laying it all out on the line:

“I will say, I wanted a better death,”

You go girl. I guess there aren't a lot of consequences at this point. What are they gonna do, fire her?

She goes on...


To say that the actors on the show dream of their deaths.

Like it is to all of us, it's a pretty darn big deal to them too.

She might have an excuse, though...


Which is the one everyone uses. She said,

"I just think they couldn’t have pleased everyone. No matter what they did, I think there was going to be some big comedown from the climb.”

While she didn't like her death...


She did talk to [Entertainment Weekly] about a conversation she had with the actor who plays Jaime Lannister, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.

Being so close, they obviously talked about their character's tandem deaths.

She said....


To Entertainment Weekly:

“The more we talked about it, the more it seemed like the perfect end for her,” she told EW. “They came into the world together and now they leave together.”