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Selma Blair Shares A Photo Of Her 7-Year-Old Son Shaving Her Head Amid MS Battle

Selma Blair made headlines during Oscar season for revealing one of the hardest things currently happening to her: she's suffering from MS, or Multiple Sclerosis.

She hasn't been shy about sharing the good and bad of her journey. She decided to show another part of her journey with social media, and it's beautiful.

Selma was diagnosed with MS after a lifelong struggle.

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Her concerns that she was fatigued and in pain all the time were considered by her doctor to be normal exhaustion from being a single mother.

She was finally diagnosed with MS in August of 2018.

It didn't stop her from living her life.

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She walked her first red carpet post-diagnosis during the Oscars, cane and all.

She was celebrated across the media not only for her bravery, but for her strength. She radiated joy the whole night.

The diagnosis set her free in a lot of ways.

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She said, "There was some relief in that, 'cause ever since my son was born, I was in an MS flare-up and didn't know.

I was giving it everything to seem normal."

And now, she shares her journey on social media with all of us.

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The amazing thing about Selma so openly sharing her struggles is how much beauty and humor she finds in her situation.

She delighted fans when she showed how she puts makeup on during her MS flare-up. It is truly hilarious.

She hangs out with her friends and still has fun!

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She and Sarah Michelle Gellar took a trip to Disneyland to commemorate the anniversary of the first time they went when they were younger.

Sarah pushed Selma's wheelchair through the park, and they snapped a ton of selfies!

Throughout the journey, she has documented her son the most.

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Her son, Arthur, only had one question when she was diagnosed: was she going to die?

She reassured him, "No, we never know what kills us, Arthur, but this is not the doctor telling me I'm dying."

Arthur plays a huge role in keeping her grounded.

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She [often takes] to Instagram to craft beautiful prose about her son.

"I am awake. Thinking. Feeling. A mind like cotton plants. Blooming too large. My son is asleep. Right here. All I ever really want in this moment."

They do everything together, including hanging out with Pink.

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Yup, that Pinkā€”or P!nk, if you prefer.

Selma and Arthur spent Memorial Day weekend with Pink and her family.

She wrote, "These two. Make me feel full of love and pride." Aw!

Arthur recently helped her with a difficult task.

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Arthur was in charge of the trimmer for Selma's huge haircut.

She captioned her post, "Back to my roots.

It's not clear why she shaved her hair.

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Whether she was in the mood for a change, hair upkeep is simpler when short, or whether this is a side effect of her treatment is unknown.

In the comments section, Selma referred to her chop as "liberating."

The comments section was full of inspiring stories.

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Amid heartfelt messages of support, many people shared their own journeys with chronic illness with Selma.

Selma replied to this comment: "@ashleyvolk96 I crash. And I see him and the wind in the trees and I get up. And feel loads better. Til I crash again. Keep breathing. Sleeping. Trying."

The best of humanity follows Selma Blair.

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I'm sure of it.

Every single one of her posts has comments like this. Some share support, and others incredibly personal stories.

The incredible thing is that Selma tries to respond to as many as possible.

Others expressed their appreciation for her.

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Being visible when an illness is invisible is crucial to raising awareness.

Selma does all of that and more. Her strength is so inspiring, but so is her vulnerability. It's clear her followers respond very positively to that.

Rumer Willis had a beautiful message for her.

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What a beautiful exchange.

Selma also shared more of Arthur's experience with shaving her hair, and it's so sweet!

Looks like he did most of the work. Now she can wear his art wherever she goes.

But at the end of the day, Arthur is still a kid.

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And Selma not only doesn't let us forget it, she lets us laugh at it, too.

The rest of the comments are too personal to post, but they're available to read on her Instagram.